Monday, April 4, 2011

Regret at the end of a weekend?

Well, I was not able to get the Guild rep on the main via raiding to get all the way to honored, BUT I got to honored over the weekend. Still pretty jaded at the guild I rolled to be a part of.  I have completed almost every quest in Cata, (still need to talk to Bran somewhere in the dungeon to finish)  So my only reasonable option to geting guild rep is Cata Dailys.  the ones in TB are the best for it too, however at this point, I hate dailies... doing dailies just for guild rep... gahhh... but I made myself go do them a couple times...  Once last week, to make sure that This week I was within reach of honored.  A few boss kills and raiding for the week over, I still needed about 2 days of dailies, 24 dailies one day, and then just the TB dailys. and dingo, Guild honored...    That is expensive...

I mean have you looked at the cost of one each of everything available at the vendor when you are honored... ((O)).((O))  Yeah, about 15K...  I did not get one each of everything either.  Cauldron... yeah got that one... for the raider... then the rest... I did get one each of every heirloom cape and hat... and 2 each of the Agi and the Int capes...  so, 11 more heirlooms... I think before I had... 26???  All this is so I can play another toon on my wifes account without heirlooms...  because its on another account.  Rolled a tank, I figure getting more heirlooms for her that way will be easiest, and I enjoy playing a warrior tank.  now, I have my littl rogue pimped out, I have the not so little hunter, pimped out, the little caster druid is pimped, and the warlock too.   The only things I dont have enough of to go around is the trinkets.  Otherwise, every one of those toons has their own full set of heirlooms, decked out, weapons included, and I have a full set of plate in the Bank.  Why? not really sure, but it amuses me. and I enjoy leveling alts.

But Looking at my addons, and seing my weeks gold not  going up.   that hurts... and motivates... time to go do some more things to make more gold in more ways more gooderur, and fasterur.. 

Are you stockpiling pyrite ore?  Decided I can afford to, It will always have value, and right now, its getting pretty cheap.  I am buying under 3G each... or about 60/stack.. I figure, I could have unloaded the titanium I had the day the patch hit for more that I made prospecting it to gems.  My guess gems will start out at 300-500gold uncut, that makes a stack of ore worth 500G or so... By my guessing around, 4 32 slot bags of pyrite ore... thats 128 stacks at 60G (max) each = 7680, 128 sold at 500 =64,000, yeah, thats 56Kish for sitting on the ore and losing the storage I was not useing anyway....  Add another 800gold to cost if you want to, since that is what another 2 mamoth mining bags ate 400g each ran me...  kinda thinking... I may make more space and stockpile more ore...  those numbers are just rediculous...... I really dont think ore will ever really go below 3G each much either... not sure, but that seems like its pretty close to the floor prices you could vendor gems at... for a profit

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