Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On gold making

Well, I am definately not making a dent on the gold making really.  I think I am actually losing gold.  Not that I really care, because I am growing markets and stockpiling.  So much that I decided to gank 2 of the guilds bank tabs.  I bought all 6 tabs off the bat, and the guild is not using them, I keep tab one stocked with 10 slot bags for anyone to grab.  Maybe its not ethical, but I turned on guild repairs and put 1,000 in there for that purpose.  So, taking one tab for my enchanting business, and one for my LW business and enchanting... I am okay with that.  I was working only older twink and low end enchants markets, but lately I have in earnest begun to level with the hunter again.  Moving across Borean Tundra, a couple dungeons, lots of rested XP, and I have gone from 70 to 73,  At 75, I will be able to train enchanting and LW to new levels and figured  I should be prepared to do something with them both.  I just did not have the space in my bags and bank to level and run any sort of business with stockpiles of mats ready to go.  My answer to the scrolls of enchant tracking rather I need more has been to make one extra and keep it in the bank.  I mouse over each one with Arcinventory, and it tells me if I have auctions up.  I move the locations on them to track rather I want to make and keep more than 2, my default, up.  For instance I craft what looks to possibly be a profitable scroll.  I make 3, and put one in the bank on the "bottom row", set up ZA and post the other 2 next round.  Next time around I just go to the bank and if there is only one up for auction it gets moved off the bottom row and another gets crafted.  Maybe there is a smarter way to do this, as it will certainly take a lot more space as I continue to expand.  I just bought all dream shard receipes in Dalaran and will begin to play with those.  When I hit 75, I will have a much bigger inventory to manage this way.  But its working for now and Like I said, I have been building huge stockpiles of mats for longevity and intro to the market....  should be fun, and hopefully profitable.....

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