Achieve, the hunter toon

Why start a hunter to be a GM of Commitment?  Not really sure there is any one point on what motivated me to do it, but replaying as my first class I ever succsessfully leveled to cap in BC is one motivation, so back to my roots is part of it I am sure.  They are a powerful class, and would be fun with some of the strategies I use to level.  BGs and Dungeons.  Both give me solid gear, and that leads to increased damage and health and that leads to greater battle space domination in BGs and somewhat in dungeons.  Its great to go toe to toe with someone and know that most of the time I will kill before being killed in any BG in a one on one situation.  Professions to go with was a secondary consideration.  Enchanting and leatherworking was the choice.  I intend to grind out rep for some of the enchants for twinks, further helping furture projects, and being able to make a pile of gold by doing it.  So, as I level I will be grinding rep at certain points for the recipies.  Something else to do between ques.