Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I did nothing else to prepare for the patch, Play like you dont care

The rat race chase for gold, for gear, for avg ilvl, achievements does not hold the pull it once did...
I do still like to play as I recently have just not as much.  I like having enough gold to do anything that gold can help me do.  I still like to keep tabs on markets and continue to make the loot.  But overall, I am spending a lot less time and effort doing it.  I managed a few full stacks a month ago of volatiles, over 100 truegold that i have been stockpiling on my chanter, over 3000 pyrite for when and if it becomes prospectable... overall, Playing the game is just more relaxing, a lot more fun and a lot less like WORK...

I made several runs at "the chase" for various e-peen elements... 
I collected pets on one toon
I collected MOUNTS too
I had 3 raid ready toons
I did the gear chase from raids.
I led raids
I led a guild
I have repeatedly tried and failed at any significant PVP enterprise
I made the gold rush for 1 million and lost serious interest at 500K
I tried to be an achieve glutton... 

In the end, I just have fun, I have enough gold to get what I want when I want it and not go broke, or feel the need to go make more right away, I am OCD about food and flasks in raids... People feel its just not worth it, so I have 9 cauldrons and over 100 fish feast on my raider... problem solved, I dont get upset, and I dont go broke on time or money to provide the food and flasks.

Leveling is still fun, and being able to send the alt 10K and go broke about level 60, then send the nub nub another 20K... Nice...  power leveling professions...

If you ever get the chance to play like you were not worried about gold...  I highly encourage it...


Monday, June 27, 2011

still making gold faster than spending. Savings is Spending, and Tips

Been a while since my last post.  Busy summer months, a bit of a loss of interest in WOW, or the addiction has passed to just being a fancy...  All the same... I am still making gold faster than I spend it.  No current goal of hitting a million really exists, the journey to 500K was a lesson in process, that can be applied universally to anyone that wishes to make gold.
I guess I made enough that I can play with out any worries about buying what i want when I want it.  At one time I chased all the vendor pets and all the mounts...  No interest in that much anymore.  I enjoy leveling, and raiding and some occasional PVP...

Sending 20K to a starter toon and just outright buying any gear I feel is worth it or the training cost, or mats to level a prof, epic flying etc... I just go do it.  I look back and realize the other day I just went to the closest trainer for my recent level 70+ toon.  I did not go look for faction discounts, or previously work to make sure I had max rep to get the best discount etc...

I dont try to save my way to wealth... it just does not work.  You have to engage in MAKING GOLD to increase your wealth.  Working to cut costs and save gold on your purchases will just not increase your bottom line...  Its like a sale at a store... "SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!"  but look at your bank at the end or your trip to save money... You spent money as your "savings/checking" acount is not going to be any larger.

Saving does apply to making, but its a largely different process.  Cutting manufacturing costs and time... that is savings that will pay.  That will increase your profits if you remarket the goods.

Pets, costs are pretty static.  You can not save any money in buying them (beyond faction discounts)  All you can do is save time... Thats why I would buy 12 or more at a time store them in the mailbox.. that was efforts to save time.  Raiding the AH daily and preferable at multiple times daily and even more importantly multiple times of the week, to find low cost mats to manufacture goods that sell is actuall saving time and gold.  Time since it is a concentrated activity focuses on stockpiling.  Savings in gold since I am more likely to stock more mats below my threshold and have them for the manufacturing process...

I reached a half million gold with one toon and 2 professions.  Mostly enchant scrolls, but LW armor kits was huge.  I have to admit I also sold a lot of Primal Might too so a 3rd prof, but that was all I sold from alchy.  never sold my truegold, just been stockpiling it and am well over 100 in the bank.  Also vendor flips of pets and a few other miscelaneous experiments...

Most of my recent income has really been from cleaning out banks and storage of crap and excess goods that were stockpiled...   I only log on to colect mail and repost every few or even several days.  I recently restarted doing a little as I had a lot of mail threatenting to be lost as it expired. 

The gold is easy to make, but you have to set out to make gold.
  4. IT TAKES A COUPLE WEEKS TO START ACTUALLY GROWING YOUR ACTUAL LIQUID GOLD (since you will hopefully be reinvesting all your gold into the market and stockpiles)
  8. DONT REACT TOO QUICKLY TO ANY APPARANT AND UNEXPLAINED MARKET SHIFTS (maelstrom crystal dropped in value when the ZA/ZG heroics came out heavenly shards value went up...  You can react to that "explained" shift)(the price of twink enchats fell to the floor??? why??? what happened??? WHO CARES... it will come back or it wont, but for the time its a risky market... just wait it out... could be because school is out, more power leveling more professions, Less low level players leveling. combo of these and many more factors... Just chill..
Done for now.. see you next time

Friday, June 10, 2011

Falling off the Horse... or other things

Am I falling off the horse?  In the last several days I have logged to the game very little, to raid last night, I go on and things went surprisingly well for needing to pug both tanks.  One ended up interested and joined the guild.  The second could not see anything @ 8 FPS and after 3 wipes left the raid on Halfus... It was a spendid one shot with the new pug tank.  We went on and downed the twins, and got into a bit of council practice...  It was a good night...

But I have not been on in any function to play alts the AH, or anything in the last several days.  My interest is to some degree lost.  Partly it is sommer time and work, the doldrums betweeen patches, and also a bit of boredom of the boredom, how many time have you been bored and you go play WOW to be bored and run circles around Shat/Dal/SW/Org or just go farm etc... Well with over a half million gold... I am NOT going to run out anytime soon...  I could probably afford to raid for the next couple years on that...  unless ofc I go buy vanity mounts/pets/take-your-pick...  But I just dont do that stuff... dont care... I have over 100 truegold for ??? and over 3,000 pyrite and other stupid stuff... pile and piles of some of it... those being the uper value single items that are in "long range" investments...

Things change, and at some point I became an "economics" student, and  "sociology" student, and "psycology" student and many other things in the game.  ATM though, I am not sure if there is more for me to learn.

On a side note: I did have 5 50' pine trees dropped into my driveway and my yard.. 2 more still to go down.  so that was long hours and late evenings the last couple days cleaning that mess up.

See you next time

Friday, June 3, 2011

WOOOOT Half million yesterday.

So... I was looking at my numbers.. Yep.... somewhere durring the daily routine the mailbox gave me enough to break the half Million barrier.  What's the significance... None really, it just feels like a milestone... What will I do different because I have that much... nothing at all.  If I want it at the price its available for... I already buy it... I dont wait, I dont save, I just keep "stealing candy from babies"

Things I have recently done.  started looking at "MySales" number to adjust my posting to make sure i am getting the sales I could.  I was posting 5 at a time on Chest - Mighty Stats.. it was one of my top sellers, and would frequently sell out... So I upped the posting from 5 to 8 each time... have yet to sell out though.  It takes a lot of time to do the management side of these things, review sales history, failed auctions, reset post cap, threshold and fall back.
Also spend a littel more time leveling the "other" toons.
Keep in mind my entire previous gaming was alliance and on another server...  the only toon I moved over was a lowbie with bags loaded down with heirlooms.
So, since, the sundering, I leveled a no assist, no heirlooms raiding toon to play in a guild that was made up of "old friends" that had also transfered.  Then I started this project guild and leveled my second 1-85, though this time I had gold and I had heirlooms. 
Next to level up is one of the druids, and the rogue, prolly another warrior or Pally...  or maybe the warlock.. or... or... or... (am I the only one with that problem)

Things to yet do.  I have a lot of non Cata scrolls that seem to be getting listed more often than not at the fallback, time to review and evalute the numbers on those, rather some one just found my threshold and is undercutting me, or I failed in my intial setting of the numbers in ZA.  My strategys for posting the goods has changed and I do a lot of things a bit differently than I did when I first started using it.  Over all its going well, and business as usual.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Day, Consistency pays, we need the idiots and impatient


Slow and steady

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Few would argue that that JC and Enchanting are the single best markets for max profits.  Steady sales come from multiple sources.  Early content, the elitist crowd will pay for the best of the best and many others will pay for the less expensive versions.  Still other have no idea just how much optimizing gear realy contributes.  Food and Flasks are in the same category.  For instance, food and flasks are 390 primary stats for each of 5 DPS in a 10 man raid... thats 1950 str/agi/int on just the dps... Is it worth it? how many wipes have you been in where that kind of boost would have made a 2% or 8% attempt at kill... Food, flasks, BiS enchants and gems... Its consistency of 9 or 24 other players bringing that that makes the difference.  Consitently showing up consistently being optimized and produces better results when you have a team that has the same mentality.

FORTUNATELY the AH game demands so much less of "the other players" they get to be idiots and we get to profit.  There are still only 2 gold generators... (3 if you count the guild perk "cash flow")   1.  Dead bodies cash, and 2. NPCs (vendor and quest rewards)  ALL other sources of changing your personal gold total is from trading...   So the point is that questing is arguably the highest GPH activity... Maybe farming old raids where the gold drops off the bosses is largerish...  This on the premise of CREATING GOLD, not CREATING WEALTH.  We, the goblins need the idiots that spend their money in the AH to "give" us the gold they create, and we create wealth..  they are happy being idiots and who am I to judge, in fact calling them idiot is ONLY my PERSONAL perspective on it... they, pay again and again with the gold they have from dailies for our goods... it is it's own digital ecosystem...

If I/we consistenly post goods on the AH they will consistently buy them if the price is right.  They worked hard for the gold they have in many cases and attempt to horde the 10K that they have.  Slowly enter markets and test the waters to see what sells.  Reevalute sales speed/volume/profit margin and determine if its worth getting into the market.  Then consistently sell those goods at a fair price, and slow and steady increase your markets.  More markets, slow exploration/entry, slow growth is the idea that you are reinvesting much of your gold into new markets untill you hit that happy place where your maintenance of the markets you have entered is to the point where you do not want to invest more time daily into that activity...  I certainly do NOT just play on the AH..  My threshold is about where I am at.  Pets, LW item enhancements, and enchanting scrolls.  To maintain those take nearly 45 min/day, minimum.  Frequently more as prices and thresholds shift and need management/assessment for profitablility.  I may often go on a buying spree for mats when prices are good.  3000 Hypnotic dust, 1000 GCEssences 100 heavenly shards 100 Maelstrom crystals... no problem... but getting to those levels of stockpiling and organizing it takes time beyond the 45 min/day.  A weekly trip to the pet vendors is about another 45 minutes or so.  And then a crafting session for the LW goods also can take a bit of time once a week or so. 

So for myself the threshold of time to invest is this.  about 45 min/day for one cancel post (can do in about 10-15 or 30 depending on how much crafting stocking I do.  thats just for my Enchanting.  Usually only one cancel/post per day for the bank alt with the pets and LW enhancements.

30-45 min/day enchanting (I do not do any significant crafting ahead with enchanting, mostly craft as needed for posting)
5-10 min/day pets/LW goods
45 min/week pet stocking
45 min/week LW stocking (crafted goods)
and probably 2-3 hours/week in ZA managing thresholds.
about 2-3 hours various times of the week stocking enchanting mats

The more consistent I am about doing these things the more gold I bring in weekly.
Balancing these activities is to some level an art.  The balance is to be able to review failed autions and turn them into profitable auctions.  or just let them fail as the market heaves and moves.  And also haveing a sufficient stock of chant mats ready to craft durring that 45 min/per day.

Example: Maestrom crystals continue to fall in price, my sales were noticably diminishing.  I reviewed every Enchant that uses MCs and reset most of the thresholds to start making sales again...

Overall, each day is much like the last in my AH game.  Consistency...  I keep making thing they want and they keep giving me their gold... Though I dont have enough gold to buy EVERYTHING in the game, I think I have enough to buy about ANYTHING.. but, for now I am hanging on to it.  I kinda like having the mountain of gold in my coffers...