Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family visit, the next toon and low level tanks

Surely, my plans are slowed down a bit as family came into town and my normal times to play are diverted to activities with them.  As a pretty good distance separates me from my family, its good to get time with them and a precious event in my life to have them in town.

Anyway, It has put a damper on my leveling efforts to use some of the 130 maelstrom crystals...  can not sell them for profit it seems and the prices are sorta holding and sorta falling... I have the hunter half way to 83, so well on the way to open up the phased guy and put them to work on scroll... its just pixels and if they lose value.. w/e they will always have value, just maybe not as much as they did when I bought them... and its not like I have head hunting loan sharks coming after be to pay of the loan... >:-/

I have not decided what toon is going to 85 next after the hunter.. the engineer?  Though I am not a fan of farming the wild reaches of anywhere other than the climate controled chaos that is the Orgrimmar Valley of Wisdom, I dont mind.  Its almost like a comfort activity, it is the way I got to my first 5K and then quickly depleted that on epic flight.... and thats why the engineer... Primal Might...  I have the lions share of the market and there are some scalpers palying with the Primal elementes... like inflating prices by hundreds per...  Well, when i can go relax, and farm nagrand for primal air and keep my market in the AH and its worth.. OHHHH guessing 3K or more per hour... well I dont mind...  Plus he is a miner... so smelting for profits... then the pets and other things to market too...  not for sure really though.. time will tell,  He is a rogue and a blast to play with.. loved the last rogue, as combat, and loving this one as sub.  though I have DS now and go combat in instances... Why because I play a bit elitist and combat has blade flurry and that lets me beat tanks on DPS... thats fun...  I am not sure, but I think often when I start beating tanks on DPS.. they get "challenged" and seem to start pulling harder, or at least bigger AoE packs to try to beat me...

Honestly, working to beat tanks at low level.. is just that.. WORK..

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