Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making a guild fun

I have started to develope ideas in attempts to pay it forward for future guild growth and success.  Though success is not defined specifically under its precept, I guess I just look forward to a group of peeps that can field enough people online at the same time to field some group events.

To that end, I am planning events w/ gold reward for winners and participants.  The first is a level ONE toon race.  To help limit cheating, and create a fair race, developing rules to make it harder to cheat than to just participate has been a challenge. 
The race details will be given 3 minutes before start time. 
Everyone will be of the same race, TBA
Everyone will have to be grouped with other racers
The Names of the toons will have specific ALT characters, TBA
The begining race route is TBA
Any more ideas? or pitfalls to look out for?

This would prevent use of speed potions, or minor speed to boots mailed to the toons. (not sure there is any way I can prevent trades in route, just the others watching and inspecting others...
Or grouping with a hunter for AoP or friend to ride a mount.

Other ideas for future events...
-scavenger hunt
-goblin leveling race (they are instanced)
-gurubashi or dire maul arena gladiator event.

The ideas going through my head are to get players satisfied with a get it now type of reward, rather than have to level.  also to get people logging on to check the calendar and play the toons from time to time.  Also to make some social function w/in the guild.  If anything the guild is somewhat anti-social...  I like that to a point, but at some point if a guild does not do something together, it will fall apart.

any thoughts?

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