Friday, April 15, 2011

Maelstrom Flips and other things, like PVP in the VoW...

Sometimes you want to PVP and to that end you have choices, Arathi Basin is my first choice while leveling a toon.  The ignorance seems to abound in warsong gulch far more, and just irritates me to no end, its not fun and so I will take a longer que and go to AB in almost all cases. 

However I send much more time the Valley of Wisdom PVP venue.  I like to mess with markets for profits... Something like 70 Maelstroms in my banks/bags.  Yeah... it feels like a lot to me too, especially since the investment put me under 100K liquid, that however just motivates me to get it back over that mark, and go make more.  In addition to flipping the maelstrom crystals, the market analysis and things, and last weeks accident, I made myself a 1200 purchase threshold and 1300 sell threshold.. should be fun...  It feels risky... but the only risk REALLY is 4.1 causing an imediate and drastic drop in prices, and I expect to unload most of the crystals this weekend anyway.  For now I have reset the market from 1050-1250ish to about 1250+  this will I expect help me with my futture plans to enter the high end markets of enchants that will be available or already have and cant craft till I get my rod from the phased TH vendor...  Its all good unless there comes an influx of TONS of crystals that I did not predict...  Its risky and exciting... I like it. 

I have played at flipping volatiles over a weekend...  No idea if I made my money, or just broke even but that was fun... Probably the biggest reason I like the MCs is there is a viable exit strategy.  MCs for me, w/o the patters at the vendor,  some will to that. some will go to the new scrolls as I increase the inventory and scrolls I market regularly.  I can flip the crystals or just put em on scrolls or buy patterns.. which ever suits my fancy.  So lazy exit strategy is to just make scrolls and unload.  PVP strategy is to watch and influence markets to sell the raw crystals for 100G or more profits on the flip...   Its all goodness and fun

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