Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two rules for the guild

The first rule is new member have to be level 15 or under.  That way, anyone that gets to max level has shown something already.

The second rule is the "Golden Rule"...   I can not make it more simple...

Still miffed at the ball a guy had to ask me for the 50 gold participation reward from the race.  "I was on..." and, "I participated"...  "for like 5 minutes"... "whatever, I don't care, I already have XXXX gold."

"No, you were not on" at start time there were exactly 3 guildees on,  Myself and the 2 participants.  They both made a toon that had the required special characters and was of the specified race, were in group with me for the duration, and crossed the finish line with a level one tauren in eversong woods...  

Just irked me and still does that he thinks he can try to get gold for nothing, and then lie and get gold for lying...  I was prepared for that sort of thing, I guess I was not.  Because the race was on Monday and here I still am stewing over the small stuff.  Not like they got the 50 gold anyway...    Just that some peoples idea of the GOLDEN RULE and mine are probably going to be different.  Lieing and misrepresenting yourself? Definately not in line with the golden rule.

The guild continues to grow in numbers and there is far more frequently someone else online besides myself...  still so many low level toons, gahhh, still stuck at level 1 guild.  Makes me consider that Gevlon has a great gold to guild xp leveling idea... cost him 225K, and they got the server first level 25 guild... thats sorta cool.  I think I may work in a reward system for that to amp it up... will still be hard for low level toons to contribute at a reasonable level, but contribute some more will, and I could afford 225K, or something similar.  time will tell where I go with that idea. 

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