Proven, the rogue toon

Proven is the second real toon of mine in "commitment".  Musing over the guild with friends and seeing if they were interested in doing something with me on it, we came up with the idea of making a stealth team of pain wreckers.  A druid healer, a feral tank flagrunner and a rogue.  all having stealth would be lots of fun in BGs and proved to be the case early on.  I helped them as long standing friends across several servers getting twinked.  I foot the gold flow to get them capped to 225 mining and 150 engineering... 2 solid professions for BGs.  early on you have 4 primary professions that will assist you in early twinking.  Mining = Stam, herbing = a heal, skining = crit rating, and engineering = goggles and bombs.  It became an easy choice from that point.  level mining without ever mining at the forge smelting ore...  engineering is the same, never leave the city, just grind it out.  toughness is 7 stam when you hit 225, and the goggles have 8 more.  15 stam is a TON at level 10-25.  First aid is maxed on proven too.  225 first aid allows me to use bandages I can not even create, but a 2K heal from a bandage on my lowbie with 800HP... amazing results.  The main went to Caverns of Time, took a trip into the Old durnhold instance to see the vendor at the inn.  he sells the rumsy rum that is 15 stam...  so a few enchants, a bit of herilooms, professions, and some liquor, I have about double the HP of most of the BG competitors at level 13, and in many cases more.  My own healer and bandages... good times... we had a lot of fun with it. and will continue to do so I am sure.