Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The new "Troll Holes" and Temple rats

Yeah, the new 5 mans full of goodness.  4.1 is live and the troll instances are going to take some time..  raiding seemed to be a wash with disinterest in old stuff, and server/conection instability. 

So a quick knock over at Baradin Hold, and the break it up to head for a Random Troll dungeon (and not ZF or ST)  Overall impression, of ZA, great fun, and pretty long, with a full guild group and solid players...  good times for sure, challenges, and such.  Overall not anything too complex or difficult in there.  And we went in pretty blind face rolling the content and guessing at some things.  Sooooo, what is that silly temple rat for?

I know as I ran a round of cancel posts and such, i pulled in 17K out of the mailbox and was glad I had stockpiles of scrolls in the bank ready to post...  otherwise it was a raid night and the gold making was not the priority... 

It affects me, but not directly, but I am a bit surprised at what I did not see while going through my fellow bloggers posts...  what are the new vendor prices for the gems?  cut? and uncut?

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