commitment, the guild

Game: World of Warcraft
Sever: Area 52
Faction: Horde

Guild Precept:  Do something different, with the expectation that it will produce a different result in the community of players in a guild.

Guild rules:
Rule 1: Must be level 15 or under to join
Rule 2: "Golden Rule"

Guild Policies:
1 - over 3 months of not logging may result in a gkick (not untill the guild is pushing cap though)
2 - Officers, there will be none.  My opinion and experience is that officers are often positions that do not reflect the title.

I came up with the idea some time ago and detailed out a plan to put it into action with a long list or rules and policies and such.  In the end I knew it would probably never work under those guidlines.  I made it simple and freeflowing, just a place to level up and not be bothered with anyone telling you how or what to play.  Just a place to go for whatever personal motivation and reasons you may have.  If it grows and more may come of it, great, if the guild takes a PVP direction, cool, if the guild takes no direction, fine too.  It is a project guild, I make no promises or commitments, and provide no direction or dictation on the direction of the guild or the players beyond the 2 rules and monetary (gold) incentives for leveling.  I have been too often let down by guilds that say they will do something that they can not.  Not now and in many cases not ever.  "We will raid..." "We will help you level..." "We will help you get gear..."  One person speaking for all persons in the guild that is more desperate to increase the membership than they are to attract the elements needed to achieve the goal, resulting in "drama".  

So in the fallout of a "dramatic" guild sundering, I was faced with a decision of what to do with my playtime.  I was in the guild to raid, and found more disappointment than fun in it.   However, what I was having fun with was still the same.  Hanging out with friends, doing things in groups, leveling toons and making gold.

Leveling toons and the idea of the guild worked together to create one focus of my game time.  The names of the toons and guild were thought over and developed, a few friends and the charter was signed, the guild created and the begining point defined.

The other aspects of hanging out with friends, still do that, in 2 guilds now.  I moved my main to a PVP guild as this is now my group play vehicle and a way to play with friends.  They have also made toons for commitment and with a little help are twinked pretty well.  It was a blast in our first runs on BGs as we are a resto drood/feral drood/rogue or more acurately stealth/stealth/stealth  and a 4th has joined up as another rogue.  Should be lotsa fun.