Friday, April 8, 2011

COMPLETELY clear the Addon folder?

And the WTF folder, just start completly fresh.  I would think I may want to keep some of the settings for like bartender, grid, and a few others.... mysales and beancounter..

But sometimes the speed of things is just horrible and I quit using auctioneer because it would just lock down and quit running.

As I see it, it can not hurt to get some fresh install, but what I am not sure on, is would i really gettingthing for it, and would I hate myself in the days to come as I completely have to rebuild what has become a no kidding, ZERO default UI, and uses no packages... Every addon has been individually downloaded and settings applied for my tastes and personal ecpectations of that display function.

Any thoughts? no need? bad idea? great idea, but make sure to back up and save xxx..

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