Friday, April 15, 2011

Benevolance, and helping the new guys

For Kammler's Korner blog fair.  It is a little off the wall, but I submit the following... :-)

Motivations to do something in my case are rarely ever narrow affairs.  Its a convoluted mess of thoughts and ideas that stack up to one cohesive and "instinctive" decision to do a thing.  You prolly dont want to read how I come to many of my conclusions, its a pretty round about journey going way off track and often for extended forays from the main thought... Much like this opening paragraph and hte opening title.

So how does that apply to the post.  Because I dont intend to reflect reasoning only the event that transpired to my current enterprise that is the guild "commitment".

Shortly before TotC came out, Ulduar was getting to farm content for the first few bosses, and I was called away from the mother land to service overseas in the military. 

I passed guild leadership the guy I felt best suited to maintain both the guild and values we shared.
about a month later I was on the armory and watched as the guild emptied out and members were in a newly created guild or in another raiding guild alltogether.

I had in my mind coined the majority or "wannabe raiders" to "revolving door raiders"  the join and leave guilds to check them out and see if the door opens into a loby with an escalator for them to get more gear and a step up...  before moving on to the next victim of their gameplay. 

I was tired of being the victim and the idea of this guild was born.
Over the next couple years I formulated the plans and in the end started the guild with its current 2 rules.

Some, maybe even most will never play the game as goblins.  But they will in most cases look to goblins with some form of respect.  Predictably with the level 15 maxe entry barrier I placed on the guild, it is filled with low level toons and new players abound.  A new guild, 6 bank tabs (10K), repairs turned on and a 10K deposit.  then another group of offerings for what many consider large sums of gold for leveling and participating in guild group events, I have created a culture of curious players that ask me how I have so much gold...

Many are quiet, and the guild is sort of anti social.  there are few binding threads to the structure of the group of players.  The guild has not matured or grown to the point that a direction has begun to form.  And its difficult to do many things due to the level disparity between the players.  All of those thing, and the guy ask me for gold, or one asked for a 15 Agi enchant... for some pair of green weapons of power.. I got no reply to the 1500gold estimate for cost of the enchants.  I have the same rules and policies for every guild member.  I will give you anything, that I will not give to anyone else.  No personal favors by way of giving away anything with a gold value. 

Advice is however free.   It is an epic project with a 1 year or greater maturity prospect.  But the oportunity to set and establish with players values that will change a large group in the community... There is a quiet peace to know that I open the doors to helping so many more players increase their gameplay and enjoyment in a whole new way.  I can not quatify or value the number I have impacted, or even how much so, but I know it has impact and I know that some appreciate the little help leveling with the gold rewards every 10 levels and other stuff... for me its benevolant, fun and it entertains me.   Isn't that what a game should do.

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