Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yellow post its of WISDOM, or pick your color

Yellow sticky pads... they are the disposable notebook and I have hundreds at my desk at work and my "desk" at home.  Big ones, little ones, orange, pink, and of course yellow.. 

They are covered with nuggets of Wisdom.  they are disposable and temporary, but I find I keep many of them for a while... they surround my monitor.. and they are stuck to the pages of the REAL note book.  I have dozens of used ones and often just make clean sweeps to dispose of them dozens at a time...  Notes for the market, reminders of restock, reminders to craft, reminders to increase or decrease the listing amounts in ZA... and subject IDEAS for this blog...   they are great short term resources, but at some point the wisdom is distilled and a lot of stuff is lost in the cleansing. So, I am putting up a post to update with ideas for future entries...

-Oportunity costs and a level 1 alt.
-Reloading addons... (still scared of this one)
-Low level gold makers
-Time, time and time (to craft, the market, to wait)
-Update scrolls management post
-Leveling for fun
-Elitist Leveling for fun and profit

I hope to think I will update this post and I will create links in the post to the posts as applicable..

My updateable post it of wisdom... the distillery of fine thought.. at least i think so...

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