Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mallard Ducks and Maelstrom Crystals

Well it seems as I continue to explore the AH markets and things, my wife is educating me on Mallard Ducks nesting habits.  After one bolted out of the bushes in front of the house when comming out the front door, an investigation proved the suspicions that she was nesting.  So, there is a Mallard hen, that lives under my front window, and the front door is now off limits for the household members.  5 eggs yesterday, and she was back in the nest this morning... supposedly she lays about 12 before the incubation begins...  then there is another next 6 feet away for some sort of sparrow or something too..  Could be Noisy spring.

On Maelstrom crystals... I think it will be a high speed market as a lot of people burn the Pile of Honor and JP they have on MCs...  so an intial surge...  will settle out by next tuesday... but will then continue to trend down in prices as More and more gear gets DE'd from the new troll dungeons...  If people are not getting capped in raids or are wanting more VP, I think there will be a lot of MCs coming out of the new troll holes.  Initially, a good bit of the gear will be getting equiped to offsets and such, but after that there will be a steady supply of MCs since the new troll holes have a higher valor point return.  140 VP from the new ones and 70 VP from the old one to a weekly cap of 980/980 from heroics and 980/1250 weekly cap...  The question is where will the price of MCs settle out at?  I have already last night seen prices drop about 20-30%  as people try to unload their befor the patch... because w/ all the JP and HP stockpiles people are bound to have.. there will be a massive influx of MCs initially...

anyway, not sure what I should stockpile at for now... there will be a high demand too, initially for the chants as MC prices drop...  currently they are running about 1K on the AH, or at least last night they were...   last couple weeks the prices have been 1-1.2K and occasionally a bit higher...  I think they will end up being around 500...  at least on my server... but they could go as low as 200...  with the initial demand there will also be an initial supply...  gahh, the guessing... what about you, what do you think will happen to prices...

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