Thursday, May 19, 2011

What am I doing... AND A GOLD TIP

FIRST THE GOLD TIP:  IF YOU HAVE DEEP POCKET AND LITTLE AVERSION TO HUGE RISK, then this could be a lot of fun, and profitable too... stockpile vials of sands... the risk is not so huge, if they go for 35k today, they will go for 35kish after the patch...  HOWEVER.. after the patch the price of trugold may jump in price by double or triple as the crafting receipes seem to use a lot of it... 12 bars? in one Vial of Sands?  It had a previous cost of 33k, sale price of 35K, and then the mats cost as truegold jumps in value from 400G (my server) to an expected new price of  800G...   Transmuters will be getting 300gold per xmute instead of 100 (curent on my server)... IF that logic holds... 35K Vials of Sands will be 40Kish vials of sands...   ...or conversly just pile up and stock up on the true gold... lol, the mount is really just another way to put them in your bank, and IMO its would be more fun to make 5 40 K sales for 200K and 25K profits after having 175K tied up in the market... Also, it may be worth it now to buy the cheap truegold xmutes in trade... Likely the price will go up if patch datamining is accurate...  Evaluate your own server for viability on these idea.... True gold will continue to have value... so its really a low risk investment IMO, but large coin piles could be tied up...

Currently I have a couple things I am doing with the game and time I spend on-line.

2 blogs
2 projects
and going for a million

My newest venture is a new project featured in my second blog ctlaltdelgoldmaking.  At the moment it has great movement and its different, but not really, and fun.  Its like your first kiss? with the lights on? its not the same experience, but it is... Might have totally lost you there.

The second blog covers my second project

This blog continues to cover the guild "commitment" and all my other chatter and such...

In game raiding is tues and thurs evening after the kids are in bed, and not too late for my schedule... its good, alows me to pursue several goals and do some raiding without too large of a commitment to that group.  Since I can and get OCD about it.. I show up with cauldrons and fish feasts.. one fore every wipe.. and I just dont care... its woth it to me to know everyone has a good food buff, and flask...

I continue to move about 20K or more daily in inventory throught the AH in enchanting scrolls.  Some days are less, depends on how many times I cancel post, and how good my data in ZA is.  If my threshold is too high, I miss some sales.  That just takes time to work through... and reset as prices seem to move a lot lately as the server and markets settle into a norm for prices on mats.  Over the last 2 weeks, my threshold for purchasing heavenly shards went from 15G each to 45 gold to 60 gold... and they are hard to get at that price.  Maelstroms have gone from 1200 to 600 to 500 to 400 to 250 now...  GCEssences, have gone from 22gold to 28 gold to 30 to 45 to 35 to 30 to 25 now.... them are my biggest heartache in markets atm...  they move prices on a lot of scrolls, and its a lot of work to adjust the prices in ZA...  I also run a small enterprise from a bank alt... he sells LW armor kits, pets, primal might and a few other miscelaneous items...  thats groses 1500 to 4500/day, and then the enchanter posts his own auctions, and thats about 150 or more at any given time up, I post 2-5 of each scroll based on overnight sales history... Its a gut feeling and no science behind which ones sell more... I do have a G Bank tab that I do some management and organization through... and its about ready for a revamp.  there are some scrolls that just are not selling, and need to go away... some I need to lower the posting limits from 2 to 1 on, and others that could stand to have the posting limit increased from 2, 3, 4 or 5 to more.  Right now Chest - Mighty stats sells 5 per listing frequently.. it is probably my single highest volume mover... lots of competition, but they move so fast that even though I dont monitor it that closely, I sense that even when I am undercut, I make the sales as the undercutters are bought out, and them my sell...  If I am actively undercutting though, I do decrese PPH, but I increase the TPH. 

So thats what I am doing.  As I have time, I play and blog the new blog, toons and sever for bit before dinner.  After dinner is a cancel/post craft post session on the two toons that are taking me to a million.  After that hourish to put the market in the back of my mind for an hour or few... It's prolly about raid time, log over and do some archy for the elusive Vial Of Sands receipe... 4 canopic jars.... and 4 mumified organs. (mumified organ is what you get if you dont get the alchy formula for the mount)  If its not a raid night, I do still log the raider and stockpile more truegold... B/C 80 is not enough...  don't ask...  anyway

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