Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big 2 days, 1 week into 4.1

Business wise on the enchanting scrolls it has been busy and big 2 days after the Tuesday reset, 1 week into 4.1  I have spent over 100K in 2 days stockpiling and such, and still made 20K net or more....  huge volume of sales on scrolls, and I think I am the only player in the market from end to end....  A huge out pouring of gold was buying out some piles of scrolls that were at, below and very close to cost of mats.... reseting the markets...  Celestials are running double pre patch costs, dusts have fallen a little, and of course Maelstroms have fallen to less than half, while the Heavenly shards have about trippled...   Took me about 2-3 hours of playing with my auctions to completely re-baseline my ZA to the new mats costs... now I am poised to do 2 things.. Not lose gold on sales (sell below mats costs) and not lose sales b/c my threshold was too high.  Like Power torent will probably never sell at my old threshold again....  but I can still make 500-1000 gold per sale, selling at 3500ish gold.. compared to lowe profits selling at my old threshold of about 6500 gold I think it was.

Tanking is strategy
Healing is art
DPS is science
Raiding is dance
PVP is survival of the fitest

Goblineering..  ITS ALL THAT...


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