Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to make gold? Part 2

Its no magic process... its not a sprint to amass the volumes that other talk about. It is however, a repeatable process.

Ask your self and other and research the following questions.  The answers tell you "How to make gold"

Does gold grow on trees?
Does everyone have lots of gold?
Who has gold?
How do they make it?
Can I use the same process?
Can I use the same techniques?
Can I use the same professions?
Can I use the same addons?
Do I have the patience for the market?
Can I afford the cost of entry?
How much maintenance does that gold making process take?
Will I do those things? regularly? consistent?
Can I emotionally detach from the huge ups and downs in markets under consideration?
How large is my server?
How large is the raiding population on my server?
How large is the PVP population on my server?
How do I make this list of questions smaller?

The list could go on.  The point is that the biggest paydays I am aware of are... GDKP runs, and a lucky roll on a BOE or world drop...  world drops... you have to get out of the AH to get them.  GDKP runs and trash BOE drop farm runs have a cost of entry too...  none of these are consistent or stable IMO, though I am sure someone could/would argue to the contrary, and to you I submit that you are the exception... the elite and the top small % at what you do.

Doing what I do, to amass 400k from nothing since cata... that is a process, Cata has been out now for 6 months, I spend about 40+ minutes a day at minimum with my gold enterprises...  I am effective, but not the most effective and I am efficient, but not the most efficient. 

MAKING GOLD IS A MINDSET AND A PROCESS...  a journey, not a race, an endurance event, not a sprint.

Optional step: START OVER
Step One: START doing something differnt, and START out slowly
Step Two: Continue to do differnt things, and continue to expand slowly
Step Three: Review process, markets, returns for improvements
Step Four: Adjust to results of step three

Rinse and repeat...

Follow my other blog as I attempt to blog/document a repeatable (start over process) at CTL + ALT Delete Gold Making for more on how you might be able to do that.

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