Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The AH Raid.

Why Raid the AH.. because its easier than raiding the devs content.  I am not saying raiding is difficult, but it does require a few things that elevate the difficulty.

1. Must multitask (run out of fire AND DPS)
2. Must do homework (some fore knowledge of the encounter)
3. Must get another 9 or 24 players online, at the same time
4. Hope the others came with the same level of knowledge and experience.
5. Maintain a solid connection with your ISP..
6. Must have a PC that can handle the game well enough
7. Addons are pretty much a requirement... IMO... You must have them installed, up to date, and configured to your taste role and stuff... and the more the better IMO untill you reach the saturation point...

1. I dont have to mult task (I have addons)
2. I dont have to do homework (I have addons)
3. I dont need 9 or 24 more players on line at the same time, but i can log my own 9 other toons...
4. Only my own level of knowledge matters
5. The AH will not boot me out of raid and replace me if I get DC'd repeatedly
6. PC caliber does not need to have high end grafics capacity for massive 25 man raiding.. but it is needed for a 'getall' AH scan... decent anyway, and you do need some ram and processing for the the addons YMMV
7. Addons, are... IMO... a requirement to really do well... learning how to use them is pretty important too...

My next big thing to look for is a Snatch tool.. dont run auctioneer, so I need to find an alternative...

that is the big thing for me that would up  my game ATM...

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