Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Weekend, 450K and petsales

A great weekend, with little WOW time.  All day Sat and Mon or about 8+ hours was devoted to yard work and the garage project...  At this point I have chopped and reassembled most of 6 sheets of plywood into boxes/cabinets/shevels...  Yesterday was getting the slumped pile of garden/yard tools off the floor and onto the wall...

GOLD... I dont closely track what I have, profit is built into everything I do... Loss is part of the stockpiling...  For instance I am sitting on over 100 truegold, and over 3,000 pyrite.  I still manage to turn over profits every week..  450K was the total I noticed the other day... a personal best only salted with the fact that almost 200K is on the alliance side.  So, a loss of 15% or 30K to move it all over to horde always sits in the back of my mind.  Still just selling pets, scrolls and LW patches.. not just current cata stuff, but from all eras of wow... Oh.. and Mining and LW bags still selling well too... Scrolls are great for the low low cost of AH fees... cancel post and use the AH as an extended bank to some extent, but I dont like to show my hand so much.. so I list only one or 2 at a time in most cases, though some things like Mining bags and  and mighty stats for chest sell out 4-5 daily... so.. I will post more.  Pets were all being listed only one at a time.. but I upped that to 2... doing well, minimal profits, but easy to manage... I supposed its about 45 minutes to go stock everything up... and that gets me through a week... about...

Hmmm... so, assuming 45 minutes to stock up... 2 pets in BB, 3 in eversong, 3 in org, 5 in netherstorm (one is a duplicate of BB), 1 in TB, 1 in everlook

BB 2 x 12 = 24 x ~3 gold profits 75 Gold
Eversong 3 x 12 = 36 x ~ 4 gold profits 144 Gold
Org 3 x 12 = 36 x ~3 gold profits 108 Gold
Netherstorm 5 x 12 = 60 x ~ 7 gold profits 420 Gold
Thunder Bluf  1 x 12 x ~3 gold profits 36 Gold
Everlook 1 x 24 x ~12 gold profits 288 Gold

1071 gold... figure 70% sales rate before i have to restock... ~700 gold minimum for the 45 minutes...

Not stellar, but, its steady, its consistent, and I estimated pretty low... so thats a low end estimate... The rest of the sales is on the banker alt for about 5-10 minutes a day, time doing many other things too...

I am seriously considering going to a 24 per trip buy.  They just sit in the mail... and it cuts that portion of the time investment in HALF...   roughly...

NOTHING PRESENTED HERE WAS EMPIRICAL DATA...  everything is me in my head from memory and gut feelinging, noting how valuable the time I invest in this is.

Catch you next time

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