Friday, May 27, 2011

12 Hours and going with the power out, and selling to both factions.

Was getting ready to put the kids in bed and gear up for a raid on my raiding toon.  Well, that did not happen.  Just as dinner was comming off the stove and we were getting ready to eat, power flickered about 3 or 4 times then it quit flickering... it was gone...

The kids are small enough that no lights, and the thunder terrified them, so since there was no TV... they got to "camp out" on the couches down in the TV room.

Me, I went to be early.  nothing else to do...  I did "borrow" my wifes Nook e-reader and read for a bit, that just put me to sleep, so out of the chair and off to bed.

ON GOLD... I was initially just logging to check the toons on the alliance side for sales on some DMC trinkets...  that got me to thinking, check some prices on other stuff and move things around.  Bought some heavenly shards that were a lot lower and moved them and the DMCs over the Neutral AH.  While I was at it... figured Why not try to sell some enchanted lanters on the ally side. There were no magic lamps in the Ally AH, and I was not interested in barking for a crafter.  They cost me less than 800 to make, and listing them for 2500...  should make them great sales if they actually move.  Its great having 2 accounts for this.

Dual boxxing, 2 toons at the N-AH, open AH interface and type in search for item I am moving > change windows to the other toon and list the item(s) > change windows, click search, and buy.  About 5-7 seconds of risk to get ganked... most of the time I move only one Item at a time. Especially high value stuff.  The lanterns, I moved all 5 at once, since it is only one search and click, click, click, click, click done...

Since I have nearly 200K on the ally side and I dont want to give the N-AH 15% of my loots, I think I will continue to look for lower costs over there and move material over.  Move savings is more profits on the other side if the items I get are listed lower on ally side than the horde side.  Like the heavenly shards were 40-50 gold compared to 50-60 on the horde side.  Time will tell if its time well spent on my server..

Catch you next time...

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