Friday, May 20, 2011

Content of a blog, stocking up, "P", and fractions

I read somewhere in a blog that someone has trouble with content and consistently comin up with more...

A little baffling to me... I have the opposite problem, limitting my content to tolerable moresel to enjoy writing and re-reading myself... and since readers do read the blog... they come back since the last "meal" did not leave them with bloat and indigestion...

Stock and Foo and Cold and others, check the blog roll on who I read provide endless talking points and counter points... Gold making, raiding, gaming and other things... I never have to look, work or think that hard to write something about what I like doing...

Gold to be made, evalutate your markets and stock up on:
For 4.2... craftables
Pristine hides
Volatile earth, water, fire
Hardened Elementium
4.2 Craftables will need lots of:
Chant mats
For 4.2 and beyond???
Cheap Pyrite Ore (epic gems)
Cheap elementium Geodes (for the next expansion)

Go look at MMO-Champion... If you don't know it, find it... I dont hyperlink much because I prefer to write more and play more to have more to write about... If you get to MMO and dont know what your looking for read more blogs, and figure it out... its like patch notes before the patch notes... If you dont know what patch notes are... GAHHHH...


"P" ^^^^ get some more of that to get more "P"

Piles of gold

And remember Perspective, because in the end you only have Pixels, and it wont get you P____... guys, you know what I am talking about... girls you can figure it out...

Insert stupid jokes on a liPhe and Phriends and... yeah its over Point made, moving on to:

Stok's post On raiding: PSA... RAWR... some people just dont get it, other limit themselves, Some do but wont change, some just whine about it, some stand alone on an island defending a point.... all alone...

FRACTIONS matter... in raiding and PVP... and the AH game... they all add up... and they all have value.. go back to the "P"... I left it open, because it applies pretty universally... and if you disagree, read Perspective, in fact look it up... I even linked it...

If your time is valuable, and organization is valuable.. then like me you may have 7, 36 slot enchanting bags in your enchanters bank, and 2 more in your bag slots... Or you may be a minimalist and prefer smaller scale...  For me its not only the time, and gold and organization... but the.. UN-quantifiable value of how my time is spent and how I feel about it before, durring and after said spending of said time for my personal amusement and enjoyment...

Fun/More Fun
Top DPS/bottom DPS server first kill
Valuing fractions to be elitist and good/Everyone in raid knows and values Fractions
Telling you I am smarter than you and knowing it/Knowing I am smarte than you and NOT telling you
The moment some one tells you "I get it" (what they have been told)/When my kids "get it"
Spending a fraction of my time in game/Spending my life with the ones I love, Family

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