Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NOT BEING A BADDIE: Raiding stuff and rant, When WoW fails

Stokpile posted today On Raiding: PSA, and fired up a lot of languishing perspective I have on the various situations he relates to.

You can read the replies in his orriginal post where I had to add my input.

Good raiders: Have some or all of these virtues in varying degrees;

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  • Selfless and selfish,
  • Patient and impatient
  • Tollerant and understanding,
  • Discompasionate and heartless,
  • Students and professors of the game
  • Elitits jerks.
  • Focus and drive,
  • Balance and wanderlust.
  • Adequate gear with GREAT enhancements
  • Class knowledge
  • Dual spec knowledge
  • Rotation/Priority knowledge
  • Encounter knowledge
  • Gear priorty stats understanding

Bad raiders: Have most of the same attribute, just at the wrong times.  About gear, class/spec, encounters.  THEY THINK they have enough... and they think they are students/professors.

Stok pretty much said it all... maybe missed a few points, but I had to let a bit out and vent, because these baddies and casuals are IMO destroying WOW...  THAT OTHER GAME will not bring WoW down... WOW like the Roman Empire will crumble from within.... it is happening as we play day to day...

Is THAT OTHER GAME more attractive, or is WoW just less attractive?  Is THAT OTHER GAME new and shiny, or is it just less poluted with rubish that wow has attracted.

IMO, WoW lives and thrives on the elitists...  they have and do what other can only aspire to.  But they will keep on trying.  When they do not compete and are disenchanted... WoW fails...  Like the Olympic games, spectators watch and wonder... they are amazed and continue to watch and admire.  They are OLYMPIANS...  everyone has a desire to be themselves and OLYPIAN in their own way.  Not necessarily a sporting venue, but CHAMPION fits too..  Champion of the "take your pick" civic organization that promotes environmental conservation, child developement, social contribution, sports, job performance etc...

To be able to say "I was the best at "pick your activity"

Even if that says, "I was the best at "pick your activity, in relation to "pick your small group"

"My guilds best shadow priest" ... there are 2 of you... cool
"My guilds most prepared raider" always early, always with repairs, enhancements, consumables and ready at start time.  No one else tries to be on time or ready..

People that play WoW... ARE PEOPLE...

yep they are people, and they will be attracted to the prominent figures like people are in real life... In real life they are actors, sportsmen, executives, wealthy, or anyone that has something they dont...

WoW will persist in mass population as a proportion to the size of the those that are at the top of that triangle.  Its like a pixelated ecosystem, take out ensidia, and paragon... replacements will fill that gap, but an edge of competion is gone...  and so many levels of the ecosystem is soon to follow.

WoW fails when it becomes so casually oriented that any can play at it and achieve what now, only the greatest/elitists (pick your own word) is obtainable by the masses.  They play at that level for largely the personnal satisfaction of being great or the best at something... and by HUGE margins...  when that is gone so are they... (most of them anyway)

Saying "Server top 5" or "sever top 10" or "12/12" is for almost any player a proud moment... it's what they have worked for, and you do work for it.  When that has less meaning... the game has fewer players...

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