Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Achive commitment progress

Originally I started this blog about the PROJECT GUILD commitment.

It hovers around 150 member, almost to level with little to report on...  I knew going it was going to be a long process that would takes its own direction in its own time.

But having writen little on it a post to note events or things I have noted as significant.

2 level 85 players, me and a pally tank
2 active players over level 60 (one hit 80 recently)

many semi active players that have modest activity and semi regular log ins.

Mass recruiting with the script I copied from another blog has shown the best results for new members.

People come and go frequently.. they never come back.  thats the idea though.  Leveling the guild I hope will take a new speed as we get 4 toons over 80 to start running dungeons and getting GXP from that will boost the rate of GXP by tons...

I need to set up the next event for the guild.. a guild event where I give away my gold... :-)  I think it will be a double header event... I just have to do it. 

Not really much else to report on... it is the slow process I expected it to be, and it is great to watch the events unfold.

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