Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things to start goblining while under level 0XX

There are always a bunch of things you would like to do if you have a bit of spirit.  Most "Goblinish" sorts  are very much inclined to have projects in their head for a time, befor the time presents itself to move forward with action.  Like this blog, is a couple years of reading others, before I started my own.  And the guild that this blog has in focus on one of the kaleidescope lenses was a couple years in the thought process before the action process.

2 projects that i have in mind, and are in all reality related close enough to combine is the idea of seeing how much could be made by a level 1 toon, or level 5.  A toon with no start up cash, new server etc.  It would not be the 10K, 20K, 50K or bigger days and weeks of a player in end game, but the principals are the same.

For instance, how much gold could you make with just crafters. 

MINER: Smelt and sell copper, tin, bronze, iron, steel, mitril?
Jewelcrafting: Mmake low level gear for leveling toon, delicate copper wire. prospect copper, tin, iron
Blacksmith:  Iron belt buckles, bronze darts, low level gear
Engineering:  several widgets and components could be profitable
Leatherworking: Gear, scraps -> leather
Tailoring: Cloth -> bolts of cloth, low level gear
Enchanting: DE for mats, low end enchats
Scribe: Glyphs, Off hands, milling

I personally rerolled completly fresh and was leveling hard and fast w/ and herber/scribe.  9 days to 85, and I already had all the big money purchases, all levels of flight training, max, herbing, scribe and about 10K.  Since I have been leveling several other toons through different professions on this new server and have looked for profitable things all the way up. 

Things I personally did that were profitable at low levels (pre level 35)

scraps to leather
cloth to bolts
pre level 10 and 15 crafted gear

Bank alt can sell pets. and other reciepes, a little more money and you could pay a person or 2 to park a shoping alt at a location, netherstorm pets come to mind.

An interesting proposal to roll an army of alts and set yourself a level cap for the toons.  Then see how much you could make with them...

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