Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spelling answer

If you know them, picture, Bill Engvall, Larry the cable guy, and/or Jeff Foxworthy.

Its works better with if you can hear the answer with the accent of some gracious country folk (A.K.A. Hillbillies, rednecks, country, etc) who would rather go fishing in the dark with some home-made moonshine and a friend, or milk a cow, by hand, at 5 a.m. in a dark barn, than go to the store to buy it,or  text, tweet and otherwise interface with many aspects of the modern world.  They can hunt and fish, and live off the land, and have little need for things others may think they could not live with out. (cell phones, TV, Cable, a vehicle, designer clothes, computer, running water, and electricity to name a few)

Somehere in the country, after the pavement ends, this conversation may have occured.  In a place where time seems to have stood still. Sometimes, for a few, way out past where the blacktop ends, there might be some people who's education has has no conventionally recongnized academic awards, but they could have had the following conversation...

Jed: A C M?
Hey, (you) see them?
Bubba: C M?
See them?

Jed: C M? M R Ducks!
(You) see them? Them are Ducks!

Bubba: M R Not Ducks!
Them are not ducks!

Jed: O S A R! C D E D B D Wangs?
Oh yes they are! (You) see the Eedee Beedee Wings?

Bubba: L I B! M R Ducks.
Well I'll be! Them are ducks.

Jed: C, M R Ducks.
See, them are ducks...

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