Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog

Spellbound and the, 20 days blogging challenge

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog.

Well, I guess the single largest influence to starting my own was Stokpile.  He did his own thing for his own reasons and publish his own analysis of his goblin business, largely as I interpreted his comments as a way of organizing his own thoughts, and running checks and balances on what he was doing... It was for himself as I saw it, but others got to benefit from it in their own ways, and he seemed to enjoy it and the comments and feedback etc...

That was the single largest influence, however going back on Gevlon, I found a lot of funny things, hate mail, and screenies of funny stuff from chat... He quit doing the "Idiots" or "M&S" posts a while back, but that was something I wanted a piece of.

The last thing that influenced the blog, was I did a hard reset to a new server.  Old buddies were looking toward Cata, and knew I could prolly keep up, they had a spot they needed to fill.  Boom, opening, but it meant a fresh server, having made 2 paid transfers to 2 other servers with 4-6 toons, I did not want to server pay for that again.  From the beginning, I played to make gold.  Level one plans to make it on my own and make it big.  Since I was starting over, I had no rut, or patterns to fall into, I was starting completely over...  No assistance, no loan, no gifts, no heirlooms, that first toon hit 400K in about 4 months from nothing... I rode the cash cow of the DMC trinkets and a few other inscription games, not much w/ glyphs, though that was some starter cash, as well as later xmuting Primal mights after dropping herbalism for alchy.  I played at vendor pets also along with a lot of other small markets... Then next toon started getting leveled on the fun factor of doing as well as the main was raid guilded and I wanted a guild bank for storage... so I needed the mule. 

All in all there were lots of little things that got me blogging.  The last thing, was a project guild. Probably the single largest thing that got me going in the blog... A silly experimental idea on a guild that was going to be far more work than it was worth, and I lost the drive to make something so far out of the box work... writing about that project and the goblineering was the biggest influence... Achieve is the toon, commitment is the guild that started that project.. hence the name of the blog...

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