Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

Spellbound and the, 20 days blogging challenge

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

Well, I like to be annonymous and maintain that to some degree... so now I have the goal of answering the question in a way that is mysterious and/or exciting, with out seeming a pude...

I have nealy completed a military career, durring that carrer I have traveled the world and given a great deal for my country, The United States of America.  Though I frequently do not agree with our policies or practices, I do support them since I chose the military over a career in politics.

I am closer to 40 than I am to 30, married, only once, and still 12 years later, with 2 girls that are well... little girls, and to them I am daddy.... that's pretty cool most of the time, but then they are not dating teenagers yet.

I will do almost anything around the house, rebuild a kitchen.. done, bathroom, done albeit 4 years to do it... I imagine I have a pretty active lifestyle, but then I realize I play way too much WoW to really stake that claim... WoW is a hobby and an addiction, and rather than watch TV, 9 out of 10 times I will game on... However movie night with pizza or calzones is a common practice, scratch made pizza dough with the mixer and yeast, let it rise and stuff... MMMm good... I do all that and most of the cooking around the house...

I was born and raised in Alaska through most of High School, and since with the Navy, I have called many many more place from coast to coast and even Hawaii home for a time..  With the military, not only have I traveled the world, I have made it all the way around the world... loop de loop... took several months, but, yeah, I can say I did... like anyone cares but me...

I always liked video games... There was an ADD side of me and an OCD side that were both sated and calmed w/ games... EQ was the big one in my mind as far as MMOs looking back, though I never played at it... I never played MMOs before I got into WOW really, and have not played others.  Before wow, I played console games since I knew the OCD would likely ruin me if I went MMO, I would get sucked in and not make it out, I knew I would likely play too much, and on console games the "P" button made it all stop and wait for me to come back, however buddies at work got me started, and in the middle of my playing history, I was nearly ruined, relationships and stuff, I was playing too much and doing it for the wrong reasons... I changed a lot of things about how and when I play, after a break and the division of time for my wife and girls became reasonable and tenable...

I am now approaching the twilight of my first carrer with the Navy, and am excited in many ways about the prospects of begining a second... thought that is scary in many ways too.. first, I really dont know much other than what I have done in the military... the Civilian life... its new and exciting for the new factor and also the potentially higher income... Its scary since, I have not called anywhere home for more than a couple years in my entire adult life... settling down... WHOAh... living in one place for 10 years?  having the same job and co-workers for 10 years... interesting... not traveling the world? most of that I am ready to be done with and be home for holidays and birthdays... I missed so many that in some ways the meaning and significance was diminished, I want to find that again...


  1. It is anonymous, not is without, not with is prude, not pude...all errors in the first paragraph.

    1. Lol, I have yet to make any great efforts to proof read my articles... I do often skim, and catch a few, but it was never the focus of my blog... All the same, TY, it makes me laugh to see just how bad I am... It may even motivate me to do better... Cheers

  2. Martini,

    Thei wholei posti andi youi arei focusedi oni thati? Ii beti ifi youi readi thisi youi willi reallyi bei botheredi theni, huhi?

    Maybe next time when you blast someone for their writing you at least comment with proper sentences when stating your complaint.


    Nice to know a bit about the person behind the blog. Thank you for your service! /salute


    1. What are you thanking him for? He didn't serve you, lol. He served selfish government. That's it.

      Also, you are way too easily trolled if you are offended by Martini's comments. Chillax brah!

  3. TY Alto, I had to read it 3 times, then I was laughing... Not lol, laughing. TY for that and the kind words. Service is and had always been privilege though, not always a pleasure, I do remember more good than bad by large margins and the bad was usually just hard, and more challenging than I wanted at the time... The experience has grown me a lot... Again a nations gratitude is warmly received