Monday, August 1, 2011

Boredom sets in, and Raiding is HARD!!!

How many alts have you made... because you were tired of the "GRIND" you were doing on your main, or you found that your main could do nothing productive other than Raid.  Your gear and consumables are ready days before the raid. You have a bag full of flasks, pots, food ready to go, there is no source for gear other than raid...  All you have to do is go raid and valor cap.  In my case I also have an extra couple belt buckles, head and shoulder glyphs and such in my bags all the time.  So bore that, on Saturday, I dropped mining, on my tanking hypbrid druid. I am the extra dps all the time... So I am the OT in most cases.  Well mining was dropped in favor of enchanting, stam is just a really weak stat for any tank.  80agility on my rings is about 2 times the value on EP (equivalent points) as the 120stam as a tank, and I guess You could say it is almost infinately more valuable as a kitty.  So, then what... go get some valor on the priest... that sucks the life out of me as I am no longer vested in that toon...  Next entertainment... go around and gather up all my heirlooms, buy some more, buy some bags, send all that and pile of gold to a new Shamman... I never played the last one as enhancement, so this should be fun.  Enhancement/Resto.. woot... Boredom no more... and maybe no less either...

Why is raiding hard... certainly not the encounters.. they are manageble, the dificulty is in what I list below:
  1. We need 10 (or 25) players on line at the same time consistently.
  2. Getting those same players all the time is not realistic
  3. You need some bench players, but who wants to be the BENCH guy.
  4. Bring the player, not the class... well, look at tier tokens and tell me that applies.  It makes little sense to continue building my current optimal raid group, its 5 druids a mage and DK.  thats 60% of the raid that wants a token that drops 40% of the time. BTW, its 2 resto, on boomy, one feral cat, one feral bear/cat.  But it worked well in our first group, as they were there, they filled their rolls and we got 2/7 in our first night together.  Since we have not been able to get players together that have the gear and experience, so it has been slow.
  5. Keeping the players that are not core happy... Gahhh the drama...
  6. Lack of patience and persistence to work on encounters when they are still difficult...
  7. Lack of thinking on the players parts, "your the raid leader, just tell me what to do... ... "
Thats why raiding is hard... not the encounters.. They are fairly easy all in all, especially with a little practice and refinement of strats and adaptations of the players you bring.

Anyway with a new enchanter, I may get back into regular postings and making some gold again.  The market is still there, I can see that much.  Leveling enchanting w/ lil sparky's workshop showed me that much.  So, it should be easy to get back into it.  Maybe level the shamman, maybe go make the 1million gold run again, since I lost interest before...

What are your plans and how to you stave off the boredom...

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  1. First life is time consuming. Oh well.

    'Progression' GDKP runs. I raid once/week. That's it. Organise the tank and healers; the rest will come. I'll be pugging firelands in 2-3 weeks.