Monday, August 8, 2011

What keeps you motivated and interested in your pursuits

I find myself recently not loggin my first Cata raiding toon, a priest, Well, I do, but mostly only if I need the glyphs (for an alt) or the daily transmute.  My druid, and current raiding toon raids, does a daily JC quest, and goes for valor cap.  Then boredom...  the kind where you run circles around (choice capitol) Orgrimmar in my case.  watching the garbage in trade, think you will find the perfect thing... well, not my case, I never seem to find it.  So I log my new shaman alt and work up professions and work to run dungeons with a buddy who is leveling with me.  I dont really work at selling my stuff or crafting much, or tracking rather i am really making gold, cost/income analysis etc... I just try to have fun.  I had to bail on 3 Sunday afternoon ZA/ZG runs with my tank, because they were looking at my T12 and Fl gear, and saying my standards were to hight and then said they had gems when they did not, so i liked it back more excuses from the healer that could not keep me up.  It was painful, and that was one of 3 runs where it was not possible to carry a weak healer, and 2 weak dps, usually had one decent for that area DPS, like over 12k... excuses, from the shaman that said "elemental AOE dps, LOL", to which I replied, "so your single target DPS is 7800?"  it was not fun, and I am not usually one to bail out on a group early, but, I guess the time of day and brought out the alts that peeps want to gear up...  I did however go back and have a great run.  A guildee asked if I needed a run and I reluctantly went, based on last experience, the healer got in trouble with their wife and left group after we made a successful bear run... In a full pug, 17K was the lowest DPS... It was almost easy...  Finally got the rescue retarded trolls in cages quest done and then I won the mount to boot.. Then my luck ran out as the group fell appart, lost the top dps, and the healer but we finished and got a couple more runs to cap out the valor.  But, I really like leveling toons... Its fun, I have the gold and professions to pimp em out, as well as all the Heirlooms... Its almost not fair...  If I was new player, running w/ me would not be fun I dont think, it would be just a grind to get it done and getting carried, since me and the tank usually do that.  My buddy playing a boomkin does well too.

I just keep finding myself going back to leveling more toons,  Its fun, sitting in trade, doing old content that has little apeal, it just does not strike my fancy.  I still like to raid and I guess I like to tank most, its also the easiest role IMO to raid lead from, I guess that is largely due to the fact that tanking is where I learned to raid lead from..  I keep thinking I could work up a batch of ZA posts to start back into the gold grind... just not really apealing to me atm... I raid, burn dailies, and level alts... whats the point of getting more than a couple hundred K?  especially if you can go raid for your gear....

What keeps you going and what do you find yourself going back to over and over?

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