Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A help request...

Update, I found it, spent about 10 minutes seaching menus in Auctioneer.. there it was...

Currently, and historically the list below is the addons I am running for profits via the AH game
Auctioneer (scans better than auctionator)
Auctionator (posting and purchasing is easier)
Panda (milling, prospecting and disenchanting goodness in this one)
Lil Sparky's Workshop (just too easy to use.. and the info is very helpfull for market looks and analysis)
Arkinventory (bag, inventory, search and sort functions for those stockpiles)
Advanced trade skill window (got buggy and caused problems across patches, but used to love and use it)
Atlas loot (just great to look up gear and mats to craft on toons)
Zero Auctions (big investment to set up, modest-heavy investment to maintain, but HUGE time saver on cancel posting)
Enchantrix (comes w/ auctioneer suite)(great for knowing DE values vs sell values, as well as prospecting and milling values)

NOW THE QUESTION... A snatch list.. do I currently run an addon that has this function that I have not found and managed to set up and use... I always did my purchasing manually, but gahhh, I would like to build a snatch list for some things...  Or is there a simple snatch list addon out there I can use.

Gold making tip... buy large fangs on AH, have not found any good farm spot, craft barbaric bracers w/ a low level LW, they are much better than what is available in most cases for a good window of the twink life while leveling... used by enhancement shamans, kittys/bears, hunters and rogues.. they have  nice dose of stam for PVP in BGs... Made my own and my buddies now watching the AH for more large fangs to buy and start selling them for 300-500 gold... I suspect they will sell quite well since getting the mats is hard... and they are a marked improvement over much of what is available out there.

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