Thursday, July 28, 2011

Resisting the Pressures and efforts to do more

2 nights a week, 8:15 invites and 8:30 pulls.. thats the plan.. go till about 11.  Pretty modest schedule for a forming group to actually make any progression.  Then it only takes a little to fail at one or part of one night, stunting the progress even more. 
Tues and thurs, 2.5 hours of raiding for a fairly HC group...  A challenge for sure. 
This Tues, one healer had a connection/PC issue and could not log on and stay that way.  A second healer was way late as they go nailed by a drunk driver on the way home... Sounds like all was okay except the car and nerves, but the raid failed... leaving the group w/ one night to raid.  Rough stuff, and then some want to try and add a 3rd raiding night.  I will not ask and stand pretty firm that the published times are all we are going to go for.  Some have family commitments or limitations, others school or work...  Its a really mixed bag and hard to hold back from the temptation to go out to do more.  add one night a week, but I also know that some made the 2days/week commitment because the times and commitment were what they are looking for, not too much, and just enough...  I guess be happy with it and hope for the best.  More recruiting and more bench players as well as core flixible players.  then the problem of... "who wants to be on the bench?"  and know thats their status.  IMO the reality is that they will be more successful on the bench w/ our group than they would in a lot of core groups with a core spot, and i have no limitations to letting them PUG, in fact i would like them to.. more strats, more gear, more of everything good to bring back to the group...  except other groups fishing for players in their raid group... RAWRRR... the balance and the decisions... gotta do it and I never stop wondering if I made the right call.  The biggest thing is to continue sticking to the standards and make at least the expectations static... that will attract some all by itself..  go for 3 tonight? maybe 4... should be fun either way...

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