Thursday, August 25, 2011

Addicted to speed and slowing it down...

It gets crushing when you get competitive about the speed of things... Industry, markets and AH gold making are all about slow and steady progress, not small spurts with high return... or the get rich quick methods.

For examples:
Powereleveling a toon up
Tanking or healing for faster ques
Tanking for control of the speed (and it must be fast)
Profession leveling
Gotta Have all the heirlooms...
Running instances
Running BGs
Fast que times for whatever

Use the AH to profit from this... be more patient than the other guys...

I play for speed and efficiency in persnal persuits...  And its fun... level 10.. powerlevel mining (with smelting) all the way to 225.  Thats 7 stamina, thats less deaths, more BG goodness, and when the tank is bad and can not hold agro.. the healer can keep me, the rogue tank up...  Its a little rude, but I can not tell you how many times I have had tanks quit the group because I made them feel useless... they wanted to do all the pulls and it was painfully slow... and they can often not hold agro anyway...  Repeatedly done... had one dungeon where 3 tanks left... and the next would come in in the middle of the pull, the healers generally just want to get it done and heal whoever is taking damage...  Some do have a sense of, "the tank should pull", and not heal me, but thats what pots, recuperate and bandages are for... my sense of appropriate speed is kill, loot, 2 sec pause, pull, unless healer is mana starved then wait on them... If its faster, I still loot and and fine to fall behind, if its slower by much, I will start pulling... When I level profession, its often because I hit a magical level that alows me to cap it to a new level, like at level 35, time to level professions to 300, usually done inbetween ques...  and I just boost it up... I buy mats on the AH if I need, time is money and I will do it smart to cut costs save time and reduce losses, I will make 30 of one item because I know I can sell it for some marginal profit, or minimal loss... As opposed to what might cost less in material and time by a very small margin.. Lil Sparky's Workshop is king for this... 

However raiding is a differnt dynamic... the speed and push does not really have a chance to get you to your goals much quicker... no mater what it will be weeks or months till you get to the next level.... At best BH might be kind to you and speed it up, and otherwise, valor capping sooner in the week may also be good to you... by a couple days... otherwise... weeks or months... Building a group that excells with that philosophy... a hard proposition... most are forced into the measured pace of raiding progression, but they do not accept it and do everything they can to beat it, even if only by a couple hours and a lot of failed attempts... gotte give em cridit for the Thomas Eddison Philosophy...  he said somehting like, "I did not fail to make a lightbulb 1,386 times, I found 1,386 ways to not make a light bulb" (paraphrased, and I made up the number too)

Speed kills, you get burn out... when it comes to raiding very few can successfully maintain the level they are at for a significant lenth of time (6mo - 1 year?)  but finding those that are happy with and want a slower more measured approach are hard to find too... My goal is to get there though, 2 raid/wk and about 2 1/2 - 3 hours/raid time... and still make progress...  many i have found want to spend 3-5 or more hours/wk getting one or 2 more kills than that... The I am better than you syndrome...  hit on this the other day in a post about welfare gear its a challenge to find players that are not settling for what they can get now...  but want exactly what you offer, and are happy with it for a long time..

Why does this apply.. I lost 3 raiders in my 10 man group in the last 10 days... 2 server transfers, one was just gone, another was like "they are more serious" and the last found a core spot in another group with another toon of another class not in the guild we are in together and raiding with...  then 2 no shows, one was out of town on work and one slept through raid time...  I had to give away that DKs gear to a pug warrior in the group... we also have about 3 part time show up people... that can not be counted on from week to week and raid to raid...  they are not core and they are fine with that.. They are also great to have around, since we do lose people to life and work situations, as well as lose some to the other group when they have the same things...   so it makes it easier to put them in another group...

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