Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blogs are for the new guys and the old

I will take your "raider"

that was the title to the orriginal effort to post something, but it was just going to be a rant...

I imagine, rather it is close to or far from the reality, I have it in my head that blogs are for both the new and old readers...  I at one point a few months ago, though they were more for the established goblins and less for the new guys, but, evolution of my own activity and a reverse look at what happened, let to a change of what it may really be.

What I used to do: Read MMO-champion... daily
Read WoW Insisder... Daily
Read Forums... frequently... rarely a week went by where I had not been in forums somewhere at least once if not several times.
etc etc etc.  Now, I have found I look out there a lot less and follow the sources a lot less, I took the knowledge and learned to apply it and now they have little to offer other than specifics that for the most part I could figure out myself. Really I have made enough gold that, with my spending and gaming habits could easily last me a couple years...  I have lost the urge and the need as well as lost the drive to go make a pile of gold, hence no longer have the need to follow all the blogs to help refine my processes and details of how I make gold to make more with less time... I still follow several blogs, though less ambitiously, and I still check in on MMO, though less frequently (weekly.. maybe) and forums other than my own guild forum.. the one for the raid group that I am leading... others I just dont find myself looking into, or looking for...  as people like me move on from one interest to another, I have to think I am not a unique individual, and that there are likely many more like me, that have moved on and the readers in this community of bloggers changes dynamically, and the basic lessons always apply and are always worth revisiting.

I choose to believe that we, as a community of blogger on the financials, and raiding and all things wow, are generally a benevolent crowd, the blogs say we are at least...  and we look to pass on to other players and new guys tips and tricks we have learned along the way to the new guy...

Something I did recently...
first: a guy got on his mamoth and parked on the auctioneer.. the one auctioneer that stands on the ground in the valley of wisdom... If you have been there when this happens, you know the rants and raving that will ensue.. My responses were 2 fold, "game menu>interface>keybinding>target functions>interact with target>keybind it> /tar auc> use keybind" and "never argue with idiots, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience"  I derailed the other conversations and got one encouraging wisper, "blah blah blah... thanks... blah blah blah... your getting a christmas card... you blew my mind with the keybind thing..."

Have you passed it on and payed it forward lately?

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