Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Foo dropped in, raiding remains fun

If you don't know who FOO is, will get you started...

He made  a comment and provoked a couple thoughts on lessons learned from my experience.

One night, and 3 down... in under 2.5 hours, w/ a group first kill on Baleroc, going for Aly and Rhyo thurs.

For non ensidia/paragon level players 362 ilvl is a good starting point to be carrying your own in FL IMO and experience.

Shannox... clear trash spawn the dumb dumb...  back to the bottom of the first hill.. MT gets shannox and goes to the left side of the road w/ their back to beth's ramp.  OT grabs rip and pulls to the other side of the road.. raid scatters in the middle of the 2... OT puts riplimb near a crystal trap and holds>spear lands>trap dog.  this usually gives both tanks time to reset buff... and a slow on the dog helps create the time for that too.  If the MT needs more time they can just back up towards beth's ramp.. he always has an out to create more time and distance.  So as the fight goes on you just migrate the whole raid and keep the raid spread out so the traps dont become a mine field you can not navigate as OT (my job).  We lost 2? 3? players durring the fight last night and still one shot it.

Bethtilac.. really need the fast response and high end dps for all roles.  Warlock pulls w/ bane of havoc, then is on spinners full time, one melee dps (18-20K) dps on drones full time, DK and hunter or boomy on spiderlings... slows and good aoe is key, knockbacks can really help. One mage goes up w/ MT and heals for the first 2 devastations.. the 3rd he comes down early or does not go up to make sure we are clear for boss landing.  Ultimately, the boss drops off the web going into phase 2 and the drone tank taunts and pulls Beth towards where the drones spawn from.. this helps ensure spiderlings do not get to her.  Learning the fight, things we did and learned.  we did not send anyone up with the Beth tank and heals... we used the DPS to control and extend the learning and comfort familiarity w/ Phase 1.  Once we could kill adds timely on the groud and 4 could do it.. we put one dps up top for the first 2 devastations..  killing adds to clear the groud for the boss comming down... was huge.. we had a couple really good attmpts foiled by RNG as the boss came down and then healed and got damage stack eating a couple spiderlings...  hence the reason the groud tank, if drone is dead, grabs beth and pulls her away from their spawn points.. toward where the drones come from.... more or less...

Baleroc... dps race w/ a lot of coordiantion and preplanning strats to get it done.  A lot of wipes taught us we needed to get more stacks of spark on the healers sooner and faster.  that means a dps has to eat more..  So the pally got 80 stacks on the first shard... :-) yeah, a couple wipes and a group first kill.  How to get 80 stacks of the rip though...  the first wipes were largely because of a couple goofs and RNG hitting us with early decimation blades, like durring the first shard.  I ate the full 25 stacks of the first shard. thats how we got the pally boosted early.  Other classes can do this but it was all w/ feral persnal CDs.  shard up>get on it in cat form>@ 4 stacks go bear>@ 6 stacks glyphed frenzied regen (+30% heals for 20 seconds)> barkskin at 12 stacks (20% dmg reduction for 12 seconds)>Survival Instincts @ 14 stacks (50% dmg reduction for 12 seconds)  I ate all 25, and all 3 healers were on me building stacks of spark, lots of stacks early. The MT uses personal CDs off the rip, and druid hots and pally becon kept him up.  The pally was our bomb healer, he healed me for the entire first shard, Inervate the pally, drop shamman mana tide, and then the pally was still building close to 100 stacks as he healed the DK that took 15 stacks w/ icebound fortitude on the second shard and warlock.  Then it was just rotation of healers on tank and shard eaters, rotating the shard eaters and the rest was patchwork.. not sure how close we were on the enrage timer, but I was lowest DPS @ 19.2K that was time in bear and a bear hybrid spec and gear... (I do not reforge for dodge, I am OT/DPS.)  other strats and things to use.. Warlocks can eat a lot w/ soul link and fel armor.. shadow priest can eat a lot w/ dispersion, pain supression, and lots of other thing.. the healers ripping fast heals early and getting big stacks early was huge for us.  He ran about 4 Holy lights, then Holy shock, Flash of light spam for speed to hit more heals on me and get more stacks.   A touch of coordination, and good to go, but we were really close to the enrage timer, not sure how close, but it was close, w/ 6 dps at 19.2K, 19.4K, 21K, 22K and 23K... raid dps need to be close to 120K not quite, but close.  DPS pots on hero could really help get you to these numbers.  We went lust/warp/hero at ~45%, DPS can open up w/ CDs less than 3 min off the rip and then use them again on hero w/ pots on both if you really need to push the dps...

EDIT: THE PALLY HEALER (after talking to him last night) got 81 stacks of spark on the first crystal when I ate all 25 stacks of torment.

More to follow on Aly and Rhy, still have yet to work a strat that works for us on those 2 and have not had any real practice time to get it down, polish execution etc... Thurs should be fun.. one or both would be really nice.  Haveing built the group over the last month from almost nothing, its great to to have solid strats that work and pretty much have the first 3 for the group on farm... 

Happy raiding to all, see you in firelands

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