Thursday, August 11, 2011

I dont have professions/I dont have gold

I amazes me the complete lack of perspective people have when it come to raiding.  Though arguably, depending on your own personal experiences, FL is still progression raiding.  I surprises me the expectations people have to jump into e-sports and compete with the big boys when they have done little or nothing to prepare.  It is still a game and people want to make little commitment in many cases or minimal contribution to their own progress.  The tier 11 pants in my case are inferior to the T12... UNLESS, I gem and armor patch them up... it is crucial to gem and enchant gear... its part of the game, yeah some just dont do it but want to be considered as serious.  Then you have the ones that have no professions, and usually have no gold either... Absolutely astounding that is... there are no BIG secrets or any supper tricks to doing either.  Me, I take the approach of leveling them from the begining.. as I level up, mainly because I want the bonus I can get at level 65.  Like my JC gems or ring enchants, bracer embossing etc...

Why is it so hard... and how does this raiding game, e-sports, not compare to regular sports...

Frequently the following points apply
  1. Applications are not used
  2. Tryouts are in place to cut and select the core and the bench team
  3. There is no bench team, they will in most cases leave guild for a "core" spot
  4. There is no enforcement of practice
  5. There is no investment in the gear
  6. There is not the same structure of Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Special Teams Coach
  7. The list could go on and on and on...
How would you change these aspects...  I have been working in my head a series of ideas and even writen to the point before.. but, my next post goes into it again.

Check it, and thanks for coming by

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