Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Simple still works, 1Mill sooo close

Dollar cost averaging... It is a term I learned when learning about investments... basially keep on buying stocks/funds etc. as the price goes up and down...  You end up with and average cost... Its easier to maintain than alwayst trying to play in markets and always catch the buy low sell high waves... Simple, long term investment strategy.

The WOW AH... Especially now as markets are seeing a high volume, simple works.  Later as volume drops, it works less effectivly, because you will get undercut and not sell if you are not activly doing the same.  Effectivly walls and you have to get under em to sell.  But now with the extreme volume of sales those walls are crushed.. at least in the consumables markets on my server.  Gems/leg armor/enchant scrolls is what I play with.  Yesterday, was my first "raid" in DS with the normal group. last week due to too many schedule problems, it was an off week.. we cleared 3 on the first night with connection and pug issues cuttin into raid time.  More later this week.  But with the drive home, and then having a lot of parts for a new PC sitting ther I started to build.  Then had to start aucitons, and then dinner, then raid... So, I posted my normal numbers of auctions and let it go.  One posting before raid time on Tues.  After raid, I normally log and cancel post, but with addons still not working and my stock of precrafted scroll largely depleted, I did not relish the idea of 20-30 minutes crafting so went to bed.  I log this a.m. and on the enchant/leg armor/belt buckle poster... 97K.. One posting was 97K gross...  I made a bit more as I also posted some gems and sold several of them to..

Simple still works, post once and thats it... 97K gross from over 100 sold auctions 

So, the Million Gold mark is clearly in sight.  I am now scrambling for mats and such, almost out, and having to buy at the newer prices.  Pretty easy, the new thresholds go into the spreadsheet, new prices are there and as I post, I make sure I am always posting over the "new cost" to craft using old mats..

Still, the slow sellers are undercut, and below mats cost, just waiting it out for now and not listing or even trying to sell them at a loss.

Also baffled at the volatiles... they are still below the prepatch prices... that is surprising, I thought they would have gone up by now.  Still waiting out that storm, and going to start putting lots of them into the PVP gear.

All in all... it is almost without a doubt this patch will see me crack the Million marker, the question is by how much.  One Point Five Million or better is my guess, depending on how active I continue with buying mats to continue production and sales.

Woot.. its gonna keep going an being fun.. wish you the best in your endeavors...

After 4.3, I will probably go into a maintenance mode, and quit trying to push the huge numbers, and just play around with stuff a bit...  I am ready to take a break from it again, but not yet.. no definately not yet.

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