Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1.2M and still growing

I feel like I now have nothing to write about, or new to do in game.. getting to a million with out an exit strategy has left a void to some degree, not that it pains me... Its just a wierd place to be... I guess I am experimenting with new things to get a new direction... For now, with out the drive to make a million, it has left the possible choices and directions to go a lot more open. 

I am still off loading the piles of stuff I have, just am no longer making a point of loggin daily to post and repost and stuff on the multiple toons.

I guess there are some more things to see and do in the game... One is go see the old raids I have never done..  I have never been in AQ  either verision... and Level a worgen... at least the starter quest experience.. I could go mount and or pet collection crazy... I could lever a tailor or the warrior that is at 75...   Oh the choices...

I could also go find new ways to make gold... nevermind there are no NEW ways to make gold only different ways from what I have been doing.... Prolly back to leveling alts.. I like leveling... sometimes... sorta... And I am probably crazy for it too...

happy holidays


  1. I always enjoyed leveling alts for a change of pace from gold making. It just so happened that once they were leveled sufficiently that they could join my gold making endeavors.

    Just relax and have some fun with the game for a while.

  2. Grats on the milestone.

    Did you get your diploma from Warcraft Econ yet? Do you interview mang!

  3. @ Dray, Thanks, and that's the idea... the challenge in my mind is to do it and not get bored and then back to what I already know and start a big time sink into it again...

    @ alto... nope. no real desire. the blog has always been something of my own thing for my own purposes. Mostly a way to thing through things and come up with better direction and new goals...