Friday, December 9, 2011

Now what... 1 million passed...

No real info on how to make gold, just ramblings on the question:
What to do when you meet a long term goal?

I will continue to make gold I am sure, how hard I push will likely decline.  After the patch hype slows down, the potential will decline too.  and then its a totally different game when the MOP hits... sorta totally different... and that statement make totally perfect un-common sense.

I have always enjoyed not having to worry about gold, ever since I actually had some, it makes the rest of the game much more relaxing.  You get new gear and you can enhance it and still have gold for repairs, consumables (food/flasks etc). 

I guess I am thinking long range again.  For short term, emptying the piles of thing in the banks that I still have and continuing to monitor and watch the markets.  For long term, I think my plan is to play a MONK... I may even want to make 2 of them. leveling from 1-90 will be a serious grind, so how and when I actually realize that goal is yet unknown, but its back to the unsettled nature of the way I play.  My main is the toon I am currently most vested into raiding with.  That has changes so many many times over and over.  So chasing achieves, pets and mounts is not really all that satisfying since I know I will be moving on to another toon sometime in the next several months to a year. 

I have enjoyed a couple nights off more or less.  Last night, I did not have time and did not make time to play at the AH, I just prepared for raid, and then after the raid I logged.  Thats refreshing, maybe now I can/will actually level a couple more alts and play at some other aspect of the game... I really dont know...

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