Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hindsight... you can always say, I shoulda seen THAT comming

So I hit a million, and the one thing I was completely wrong about and seems I may have to soak the loss is volatiles (another is truegold)... I guess I could have seen this one coming but never looked for it.

We know or assume that most player that feed our goblin banks are casual... at least in their gold making enterprises... Okay, next we also know that prices for good goes way up... Okay, now as the first days of raiding and the new PVP season go.. prices and such start to fall...  Most of those Casuals are BROKE... they can not afford to buy the stuff at the increased prices...  Okay, so now they do what they know, dailies and farm... Okay... now, sales volume drops and surplus' of material start to come into the market, and price start to settle out... Okay, as a result of all the new farming, all the dailies for gold to give me for my consumables they produce a lot of volatiles... and in this new patch, there were no HIGH demand patterns for those volatiles... yeah there are plenty out there, but by and large, there were probably other like me that had stocks of volatiles, but now the supply is going up too...  The inferno ruby prices went for 90 to 250-500 gold... that will dry up a lot of banks quick.. w/ the new 5 mans, alts, LFR, and normal raid locks... there is a lot of gear UGs going on... good for us, but I think it has driven a lot of players bank accounts to really low places and driven them to farming...

What is all this about.. I still have 4-10K each of volatiles, and though I would be able to flip them with the patch... yeah, I can flip them like a coin into a wishing well... for a massive loss.. prices have dropped 50-70% from my buying thesholds...   and truegold seems to have fallen too... lots of piles and an insignificant demand of the mats... prolly gonna lose my tail on that too..

On a side note, I still have mats for leg armors and belt buckles... crushing that up to sell off... I will have to start an ore shuffle for some GCEs and just buy out the expensive MCs at the new higher prices.. easy enough... As of now I am going to a bit more of an on demand buying pattern for mats for enchanting... totally out of GCEs and MCs.

After a 2 day break from the AH, I crafted my last bits of scrolls with the mats I had, the only thing I still have is HDs.  Will be more cautious now, and the market will be volatile and start to crash... sell off the rest of my leg armors, and grind some mats I have into PVP gear, that will eat into some of the volatiles I have.  I am selling a few LW ones and about to go buy all the BS ones and do what I can.

Still fun and I still have an increasing bottom line...

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