Sunday, December 18, 2011

1.3 MIL ... liquid

The title is all.. 1.3Mil liquid.

and I deposited 50K into my raiding toon's g bank... (not one of my holdings)

Alto asked in comments if I was going to or had done the wowecon thing... Looked and think I will do it once...  when I hit trade prince... :-) why not... its a shorter list.... 

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  1. Shorter list due to most that cap don't interview again (myself included- three is enough- 2.4m atm). That is until Pandaland and the 5 mil cap or the change to plats (or whatever blizz decides on).

    Over the next few weeks we are nearing the end of the easy "patch gold" that has made a huge number of millionaires in 4.3.

    My google searches have shown in 4.3 nearly triple the amount of patch searches compared to 4.2, and just shy of six times 4.1. Just looking at my blog numbers tells me more folks are getting educated in the gold game.

    From this next week forward, each week will be less profitable than what we see previous (supply, demand, more competition on markets). Happens every time, every patch, but even more as people are searching for gold advice.

    Now the only question is can you keep your motivation to hit 2 mil. This 700K will be quite a bit slower than the last 700 you made.

    Will you give up or keep rocking? Only time will tell. It's a tough road to reach.

    Keep smiling.