Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moving forward, And Happy Hollidays

As the patch wears on, and the next ex pac is expected, many play styles and paterns will change.  IMO there is not longer any point now in stockpiling the way I did for 4.3.  If I do any stock piling it will be for one week max at a reducued production level and it will only be on consumables.  Leg armors, belt buckles and enchants.  Doing the JC market is more work than I want to do, and doing the ore suffle is even more.

I will not be making the stocks I had Pre 4.3, I really did not expect to clean out my chanting mats and scrolls in less than 2 weeks.  More like 10 days.  I thought it would last me for about 3+ weeks.  OH well less work for more profits as prices are starting to come down.  Or at least profit margins are.

I think for my massive pile of volatiles I will hold out for a bit longer on trying to offload them.  My reasoning behind this is a guess and prediction of demand will go back up once the newness of the 4.3 wears off.  I suspect that leveling crafters will get back to leveling professions and other big volume users will re emerge.  If not, I dont expect prices to drop too much more, but then I did not expect them to drop the way they  did either.  Who knows.  I guess now I will have time to play at some other things like the new darkmoon fair next month, and alts and other things... I have never had a maxed out tailor... or mage or warlock or DK... might work at all 3 of those... (not the DK)

And of course I will continue to find new ways to make gold while doing it.

Happy Hollidays to all

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