Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pushing to 2 Mill and beyond

Alto dropped a nice comment on my last post.  It points out some observations, and quantifys them with numbers and evidence to the "gut feeling" of what I felt about the same.  Anyway, it gave me seed to some thoughts and plans and I guess writing out a plan of how and what to do as far as long range goals to hit the 2 million marker.

First off, I am now continuing to unload the piles of mats I had stacked up.  The only thing I am disappointed in myself in is that I did not keep enough greeny gems for my daily JC stuf... oh well... and that I have completely lost a ton of value on the decline of prices on volatiles...  Still not sure I understand how the lost so much value???

On the 700K... thats what I have yet to get... to hit 2 Million liquid.. right now, I will likely make a plan to only increase stockpiles on things up to about 50K max... no more piles worth HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS in the banks... 50K invested seems a good mark to not have a giant loss.  The market is going to change and the chance to make the big, short term turn over that I did was just that, A well thought out, long term investment based on evidence and experience for 4.3 on the order of 600K or more in mats stocked up in the banks.. I made a post on that before, but forget what the bottom line was...

For now the game will be slow.  I will continue to push up to an easy 1.5Mill or better just on the piles of stuff I will continue to unload... still turning over the PVP LW and BS crafted gear to get rid of some, still offloading the few scrolls I have, emptying out everything else in the banks that was planned for 4.3  the next big money maker will be 5.0... there will be a lot of bored players over the next several months that will continue to farm and do dailys and have piles of gold to spend when 5.0 hits... early to level, and early to max out professions can be very profitable... WHICH professions... THAT is the question... and with out more info, that will remain a question for a long time... JC will likely be very profitable... early on it is since it has been limited by the token system for cuts... in wrath it was also rep grinds, and some drops of varying rarity... But, JC is early on very profitable if well played, it takes a lot more work... BS, Tailor, LW... YMMV... but there are a lot w/ those professions on their "main" and it can get competitive... I had great success early on w/ inscription... the relics were very high volume sales.. and the trinkets were a gold mine... Enchanting will also be a big one... DE'ing all the mats as you quest up... big pay outs... Greatly profitable, least work profession to run with IMO.. Enchanting... just DE quest rewards while leveling... I imagine alchy will be quickly saturated... and engineering will be the same... a rough market... for early in a patch anyway... there will still likely be ranged weapon enhancements for the hunters... but, Honestly.. the big payday... and easiest money is going to be farming... I know farming was easily 3-4K an hour in early cata... thats a pretty good number... compared to straight AH crafting...  and since it can fuel your gold piles, you get XP leveling with it, and it can provide the mats you need to level your own professions... What you do miss with farming for XP is the rep from quest w/ the factions... I guess at this point the goal will be to offload and largely empty out most of the good in my banks, and leave it that way till 5.1 really...  The prices will only decline after 5.0, MOP, and planning ahead for 5.1 will be the next big AH crafting boom for mass gold.  There will be oportunities to be a pure AH goblin in the release of 5.0.  but, its a risky market and I learned you can not hold your stuff...  It will likely drop in value as the market get saturated... that was the 300K mistake I made not selling DMC trinkets... I would estimate about a week to 10 days worth of mats max in 5.0, and currently.  I guess the plans will be to get my first raiding toon up and rolling, then get the crafting toons up and moving too...  how much that will all be possible, I am not sure, in the past some of my markets have had the "orbs" required for the leg armors, so that is tough one, especially if they are BOP...

One of the potentially biggest money makers, though competition will dictate, is Pets.. 5.0 and pet battles... That will be a new market to feed.  there are a lot of pet collectors now, but that will be something else... it will take pet sales to a whole new level, that is one thing I may stock up on is pets for 5.0  to reutilize the storage for pets and mats to craft them.  I imagine getting the recipies that are world drops now and mats now will be a lot cheaper than later.. there will be a lot of new monks and pandarens leveling.. but they will be eating up the AH mats to powerlevel professions... Engineered pets if you have all the paterns to make em, could be a huge profit.... time will tell... Of all the things announced this is the one piece of information we have that could be a huge gold making tip now.. that would be huge for long range profits.. but it is a long range profit plan...

So...  68 shammy, alchy/chanter
bank alt 85 hunter, LW/chanter
bank alt 79 warrior, miner BS
raiding main druid, JC/chanter
raiding toy toon, scribe/alchy (xmute)
thirty somehting miner/engy rougue alt
thirty something miner skiner rogue alt...
fortysomething low level warlock tailor/???
other faction thirtysomething tailor/chanter mage
twink priest..
thats my 10... I think I would like to get an herbalist/miner to be a farmer

i guess my plans revolve around getting one of the rogues, the warrior and shammy up.. prolly delete one of the rogues and make a druid farmer miner/alchy.... or scrap that and leave the spot for my pandaren monk..

Ugh... still a lot of plans to solidify, but for now just chill on the AH game, not playing at the markets atm,  I have almost completely quit selling scrolls, just a few left, and I no longer buy and craft scrolls to sell... the market looks like it could still be profitable.. but... ehh.. I am on a break...   the short term goals are whimiscal, fly by the seat of my pants, and my long term goals are still varyable... and nothing solid...

Bahh... wall of text... if you made it to the bottom, go buy a lottery ticket...

Merry Christmas to all... happy gaming over the holidays...

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