Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am running into trouble maintaining my desired inventory of heavenly shards, and Greater Celestial Essences.

I keep my enchants on a new spread sheet, where I change the "cost" of mats and all derived enchants cost changes.  bouncing those numbers off of my prices in ZA takes about 20 min.

Since I am rotating scrolls at full speed, I have a large turnover of mats and keeping stock on them at prices has led to more research.  I knew there was a BS crafted item that could produce HSs and possibly lower costs.. I found that to be Stormforged shoulders or legs...  I also new that carnelian spikes for GCEs could be a good exchange.  I added to my spreadsheet a few new boxes to play with to determine return on DEing Carnelian Spikes and stuff to play with and evaluate my threshold for buying Carnelians.  I have not really seen a lot of procs on the guild perk DEing them, not in a noticable way.  But I make sure to always DE with the guild perks guy.

I have finally come back into a large amount of liquid gold to play with and buy out the cheap mats when they come up for sale.. I know i was short on gold when a couple opportunities to buy a lot of GCEs below my threshold passed by.  I added carnellians to my snatch list.

I have also started pushing up my threshold for Blackened dragonscales... and cleared out one bank tab and begun to stock  Heavy savage leather, I have around 200 Pristine hides and more than that I am not sure it will sell in the planned window.. always easy to conver the Heavy to pristine... just the Heavy takes a LOT more bank space... as well as the Blackened Dragonscales...

The Warrior... going to be BS Miner/smelter has gone from level 30-520 in the last 10 days...  Going to finish off the candy buckets in Kalimdor for another level and I will likely get into the outlands buckets for a good bit of xp that way...   If circumstances present themselves, I will also get a load of xp with a couple more toons that way.. IF.. IF you are level 50+ its really easy there was only one flight path on E. Kingdoms that I had to run and get.. ALL the others were Flight pathed into.  That is a new thing with leveling toon.. you dont have to go find the FPs.. you just know them for your appropriate level to get to the zones applicable to you...  No mor long runs for quest, just long flights, which comparatively are not so long... In essence if you never quested E. Kingdoms.. and hit level 60 all on Kalimdor.. you could go to EK and fly ANYWHERE there is an FP... good stuff.

The tankards of terror still seem to be lingering in the market, there are a fair number for sale all the time still.. the median price is around 7/800g, so even selling what I can now, I am making aroun 50-100% profits... and I have enough that I suspect I will see the price go up more...
I have successfully moved over 100K of mats purchased mostly on my snatch list from alliance AH and put them to use or storage on Horde.  I also moved a few pets and made money on them, and I am about to stop with all that for now.  Just scans for rediculous good deals... I will need to have some reasonable capitol on ally to do any future business, and thing on the AH sell slow.  I think it is a friends/guild/alts farm culture.. just very very little I have seen seems to move... Even what I would expect to be high volume items like HD.. just does not seem to sell. 

good fun still, though I am back into the grind and balance and stocking and crafting game so much that my alts get less attention.  Raid, AH PVP, craft, when all that is done for that session and crafted mats are back to an acceptable stock, then I go level the alts... Hmmm.. choices choices.. More alts or MOAR GOLD???


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