Monday, October 17, 2011


GCEs, tough to get to where I want to be with them for overall number in stock... Since am now running a low ballance on gold as most of it is tied up in marketable goods, I have missed some oportunities to buy at some prices that are better than going rates a day or two later.

Over 100 Pristine Hides and over 2K volatile earth, life and fire.  Working to get the air and water up too.  I am now maintaining stacks of 2 each of many scrolls but there are some I will be build bigger stocks of.  Some I have bumped up to 7/cancel post and still sold out overnight.  Stuff like that is going to take 3 plus stacks to be semi ready for 4.3.  When 4.3 hits, the more I have pre crafted the more sales I will be able to make since I fully plan on, and intend to be raiding too...   Back to the weekly grind for valor caps etc, into the new five mans for fun and that one or 2 pieces of gear.  So less time crafting is a good thing IMO.. big stocks of pre crafted items for sale, a very good thing

The other thing I am finding a hard time getting enough of is blackened dragonscales.  I was doing okay, but I am not building ahead now and getting larger stocks of them or the dragonscaled leg armor.  Which is the best selling leg armor for me ATM.  Overall, still lots of fun, but a lot of time and work too.  Precrafting though allows me to craft when I want to, not reactivly so that is nice...

UPDATES: The warrior went from level 30 to level 48 this weekend, and so far I have sold about a dozen tankards of terror... they are not yet selling as well as I would have hoped they would by now, but there is pleanty of time yet. for prices to baloon. Its fun to watch the markets and see if your guesses are accurate...  

The more I think about it.. One month after (give or take YMMV etc... ) 4.3 hits... heavenly shards will be nearly crashed.. Maelstroms will be on the rise...   Since, as I have read the current heroics... all of them and the new ones will give the same amount of valor.. I for one hated gettting groups of baddies w/ no idea about the content in ZA/ZG about a month to 6 weeks after they released it seemed to just get worse.    But it was a real toss up rather to do one of them for 140 valor or 2 old heroics for same amount of valor and different valor caps per...   Given the choice, for valor grinding... Old heroics will be speed runs for points.. and a by product will be a lot of heavenlys and a lot less maelstroms....  then, atm the market for HSs seems to be getting carried by the DEing of BS crafted gear... so maybe it will only fill the gap, but I really tend to think not... I am guessing now that the end price for MCs will be 50% - 100% higher than it is now.  This will hugely affect markets.  Since the LFR will be looking at ILVL and enchants will not be accounted for so cheap will do... as prices for MC chants go up the markets will follow and the use will be less.. Gahh... I have completely talked myself out of all the convictions I had in my mind...  I am convince of very little now...

What I do know:
4.3 will be a gold mine
HS prices will drop, or MC prices will go up...
Stocking MCs is probably a really safe gamble
All other chant mats, though less so the HSs is a good bet
Leg armors are a great gamble

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