Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking a guess at the Pyrite not being Epic gems source.

I have been seriously in some markets recently and am noticing a trend.  Particularly with Pyrite and Volatile Earth... Neither are falling into my threshold much any more and both have the ability to spike.  To me this is an indicator that the Pyrite in banks has largely been sold off of prospected.  Just my guess, but when prices of Volatile earthe were consistently running 3-8G/ea and the AH is emptied out to 18G/ea price...  To me that is a key indicator that supplies have run out and leaves the question: "Is it temporary, or long term?"

Volatile earth will continue to be in high demand for the multitude of uses in multiple crafting professions, smelting hardened ele, crafting leg armor, enchanting something (I just know I use a lot of it for those 2)... etc... you can do you own wowhead search and see what applies to your markets... but if the price is jumpin now in your market, expect it to jump a lot more in 4.3.  Attention to these Cardinal crafting mats and the trends they have in the market.. make a guess, watch some more, and confirm or strengthen the evidence to the hypothesis and quantify the previous information to a valuable morsel of gold making data.. OR, in some cases the a morsel of date to not LOSE gold... heh... the sword does swing both ways.

Trends and threshold shifts:
- GCEs: not sure yet, but looking like I may need to go up on this one soon
- MCs: holding out and steady for the most part  Weekly cycles show big ups and downs, but stocking cheap and not when the prices cycle up
- HSs: also a big cyclying, on these, Still buying cheap, but maintaining stock w/ a BS friend to craft stormfoges sholders/legs for DE
- HDs: seems to keep spiking low in high volume.  Enough to keep my stocks up.
- Savage Leather: (scraps, and heavy too): I am getting alot off the Ally side, and horde, no problems here, about 200 pristine hides in stock
-  Blackend Dragon Scales: Already moved up a bit here... and prolly going to keep moving up,  I am just not able to get any significant stockpile... PVP gear and leg armor will demand a lot of these things...
-Volatile fire and life: Stock piles reached and threshold lowered... still picking up what I can dirt cheap
- Volatile water and air: slow and steady.. these are doing fine, though they go throgh pretty big swings in the market
-  Volatile Earth: mentioned already, but likely going to need to move the buy price up to meet goals for 4.3 prep.

just starting to get into obsidium and elementium ore and bars for the BS crafted stuff to DE for HSs...

some more inventory management (unload junk to make space for piles of more usefull junk) and I will pile up a few more things...  Namely Heavy savage leather, (currently converting all to pristine hides) hardened elementium bars,  truegold (still xmuting daily, almost)  Herbs for xmutes of epics... MOAR CHANT MATS..

Other news.. Magic lamps from the ally side are selling for a steady 2500 at a cost of about 1K to craft, a couple a week.. easy money IMO since I am moving so much between factions anyway... will likely move some BOEs or such in early 4.3 to play with the BIG number.. the amount of Tankards in the market seem to be dwindling... good news they may sell out soon, and then my market influence will be massive... Will prolly set up a 2K wall maybe 1500 or 2500 to see how it goes... or all 3... and let the others flounder.. its really hard to imagine that the other guys w/ tankards have anywhere near 100, much less the 130 I still have.. its gettin interesting and its going to be FUN!!!!  Need to look over the craftables for 4.3 and look for equivalent weapons... if there are not but from raid boss drops... I can see a lot of rogues using these... rogues will become popular again with the dream of getting legendary...

As always coments and feedback welcome.

and thanks for stopping in...

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