Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The pile for 4.3

I noticed a guy in trade looking for living embers for crafting the FL paterns.. I offered to sell, but he did not want to pay my price.  A self proclaimed "jewish" sort.. heh.. He then mentioned he had flipped them for profits, and was saving for 4.3 BOEs.. RAWR... I love that guy...  As he is busy saving I am busy busy busy spending spending spending....  ATM, I am constantly reseting the market on heavenly shards.. since i came back i hav seen the price go up 25% on average at least.  Its time to reset the snatch threshold and reset all the ZA configs to not be losing gold on sales w/ enchants that use HSs.  I was getting them 80 and under, now I am up to 100 and even 105 per.  Well.. having 15 Magic lamps made on the Ally side.. that was 120 shards.. and time to get more... still 8x100 for HS, 1x100 for MC, and 4x55 for GCEs is 1120gold to craft the magic lamp on ally side after moving mats from horde side over (they are almost always cheaper on horde side) and then have them crafted, 50gold tip to the crafter, and prolly going to up it to 100 per crafting.. soo  1220gold and some time to move mats and goods across the neutral AH.. easy w/ 2 accounts and dual boxing... sell em for 2500.. sold to quick.. 2800 seemed good, and 2900 seemed slow.. That is undercutting the competition by hundreds as they seem to list them over 3K.. I will take my sales and 1K per profit... more gold for more stockpiles for 4.3...

The volume of goods, mats and such I am still building up is difficult to build and maintain.. since I am actively selling, and my stockpiling is dependant on sales now.  I have a revolving low balance... but at the same tiem 65k in sales yesterday. and 65K in purchases.. roughly...

The things I am having trouble getting ahead on:
Blackened Dragonscales
Heavenly Shard
Volitile Fire

The things I feel I am well positioned on or well on the way:
MC are starting to look good
Pristine Hides are slowly growing

Overall its a lot of mats, not sure on the total numbers, but working on about 1-2K each volatile about 2K GCEs, 5-6K HDs  Still maintaining about 40 of each leg armor, and working on more market info to determine stock posture for 4.3. Dragonscale leg armor seems to have the best sales most of the time, but I have a feeling that is just the nature of the patch cycle and all the others will come into higher demand come 4.3 the tanking/PVP varietlies in particular.  Dragon scales are heavily used for the PVP gear paterns I think I could simply FLIP a TON of them in early 4.3 for 200% or more in profit.  Volatiles I suspect the same...  chant mats will just become scrolls since I like the market and full expect to turn over a lot of scrolls for higher profits than the raw mats.

A new IDEA.. need to look into profiling my ZA.. a tues-thurs profile and a weekend profile.. the volume on tues thurs is just that much higher that posting 5-8 per will be good on those days and 2-4 on the weekends.. Then if its not possible.. oh well post 5+ all week long... 1S to post a scroll, that's not hurting me....

Good luck with your plans

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