Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goblins take others gold... I forgot how easy it is...

So... atm, I have fully reentered the market for sales... I was running out of gold to meet my intended stockpiles for 4.3, so had to start moving inventory... all the past lessons and methods clicked right back in.  some set up and investment on it all, however, now I am emptying 15K gross daily from the mailbox... I never sell for a loss, and profit margins are likely in the normal 20% range on average. 

LW leg armors
Cata Enchants
A few arbitage sales from the ally side as I continue to move the 150K from ally to horde, and attempt to profit in the process...
And Tremendous Tankard o' Terror. I have about 120 of them to sell, average buy price was about 375G.. 

On the tankards... they should be easy to sell at a profit, now it will only be time to figure out how much.  The source is gone, brewfest is over.  The only thing to be slightly cautious of is the 21G deposit for a 48 hour auction... that could make it a little nasty if an undercutting game gets going...

Selling enchants... same old method of tracking and monitoring inventory and sales to replenish.  And now my stock pile of mats is still growing to where i want it for 4.3.  I also needed to make some sales just to know what scrols and leg armors to stock up on.  I am gathering that data, and increasing my posts per auction and separating inventory to support this.  Basically, if I sell out both auctions, I increase the amount posted per posting to 3 per posting.  as time goes on, i will find some I am sure that I will be able to post at 4-6 or maybe more per post.  Mighty stats to chest is a really popular enchant,  that will prolly be among the highest volume enchant.  As I ge the data to support, mats will be converted to scrolls for storage as they stack to 20 and take less space than raw mats.  but having 60 or 80 scrolls stock up that can not be reasonably expected to sell in the 3-4 weeks after 4.3 is pointless, but scrolls that I know will sell in high volume like mighty stats to chest is will be fine to have 100 of them stocked up... if i sell 4/day average, 100 would last me about a month...

So, a brief summay of the plan.
Have 20-100 scrolls of each type to sell following 4.3 release, have 1-2,000 GCE, 500-100 HSs and MCs and around 5,000 Hypnotic dust... If I need mats to make more scrolls I have them, if the count on scrolls looks good, I can sell the mats raw.. prices are sure to spike for a while.. particularly GCE IMO... HD, seem to be available in mass frequenly due to the shuffling of ore, and my guess is grinding up Pyrite.  Though not knowing and having just got back into the game on the AH, I can not be sure... Now may be a great time to also stock up on Volatile earth, UMJ may give valuable info to set some thresholds...  Materials will slow down entering the market, people will not be doing daily as much, or farming.  They will be out farming the new 5 mans, and LFR feature and organized raids...  This could have a large impact on the MC supply, though it will also have a large impact on the MC demand and inturn the demand and supply on HSs. 

Good luck in your game, will let you know how the tankard gamble works out.. right now, I guess I have about 40-50K invested in tankards... If I sell half of what I have at 1K, I will have my money back.. though I suspect, prices will in the next week swell up to 2-3K.. I could easily stand to make 100K + off this venture, or lose my tail.. though the losing part seems a distant possibiliyt.

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