Friday, October 14, 2011

Reasons to have all professions/alts

Well, as I run high volume enchants markets/scroll, I find frequently that in the current market ther is a lack of heavenly shards... With the new Maelstrom shatter, I will not stockpile them for 4.3, since I can stock "more" via MCs, less bag/bank space.  However, as I am purchasing more and more, I notices piles of 20 to 30 on the AH both horde and ally side for the same price, presumably the same seller.  That led me to go looking for a lower cost option for them.. Nothing w/ tailoring or LW, not with the mats and prices I see normally, however, Stormforged shoulders and legss both look to be what "those" sellers have been using.. Based on wowhead searches.  Basically, in the last 2 weeks since playing seriously in the Cata chant markets, I have raised my purchase threshold from 80G/HS to 100G/HS...   And I knew I was feeding someone elses gold bank buying their HSs...  Not that I mind TOO much.. but I would rather A: have a steady supply, I clean out the AH regularly and B: not pay so much for them.  I have a friend who owes me favors.. and I will slave into BSing a ton of them for DE..  If my calculations are good, I can get mats for either for 8 x ele ore and 16 x obsid ore.  Or 4x ele bar and 8 x obsid bar.  OR 2 x folded ele and 8 x obsid bar... bars are about 5 gold each for either, so my cost are going to be around 60 gold... much better than the 100 gold I am paying and the EASY gold someone else is making off me because I have not maxed out a BS on this server in Cata...

Time to take time payments from my BS friend.. Send them mats for 20 per mailing... 8 stacks of ele bars and 4 stacks of obsid bars... about 1200ish, and get 1600-1800+ gold in mats back...  even at 6 gold per bar it would be 14.4k invested to make the HSs... still much better then the average 90-95G/HS (18-1900g) I am paying... more gold means more stockpiles.. Also need to DE them with my main Enchanter who is in the raiding guild.. more mats... from the guild perk... not sure what that works out to, but its MORE GOLD FOR ME.... :-)

and I guess its time to get busy with that bank alt BS/Enchanter.  Its a warrior tank, and has full looms.. so it should be pretty doable to get to 75 soon... then back to the tailor... level one of them... A tailor would be better able to use the cheap HD I get.. that is the only reason for that... I guess part of me WANTS a miner, not to farm, but to AFK smelt piles of cheap ore into bars... but which toon to do that with..

The crafting army (some are still in boot camp)(I mention raiding guilded because of the perks not available to "banking/crafting toons"
1.  Raiding guilded lvl 85 Druid: (raiding tank main): Enchanter/JC Not heavily used as a crafter, but he is my DEer since he is in the lvl 25 raiding guild w/ the PERKS!!!
2.  Raiding guilded lvl 85 Priest: (sorta shelved atm): Scribe/Xmut Alchy, great to have the xmute when I spread out in markets and do some shuffling of ore, or I want some glyphs for an alt.. but not heavily used, Darkmoon Card/trinkets was my first big market that I sold relics and OHs early in Cata to suplement income.. that is an old game, and I no longer play at it.
4.  Bank Alt Guilded lvl 85 hunter: (the toon that started this blog actually): LW/Enchanter, this toon is my current POWERHOUSE gold maker crafter, poster, I have a 6 tab GB to play with, I have his bank loaded with 7 (i think) 36 slot chanting bags, piles of mats in the banks, the piles of scrolls and STUFF to be ready for 4.3 or stuff I am still hanging on to... for whatever silly reason...
5.  Raiding guilded lvl 65 Shammy: (fun toon wanted to play enhance, last was resto ele) Alchy/Enchanter  I have been leveling the profs as I go so not interested in dropping one profession to get mining or BS though this si the closest toon to 75 I have. 
6.  Bank Alt Guilded lvl 30 Warrior: (Was always just a bank alt) BS/Enchanter, This is the first toon to get busy with I think, full (purchaseable) heirlooms and I can tank through dungeons, and he is a BS...  Making him a Miner and dropping Enchating... hmmmm... not like I will use his enchanting to DE the BS crafted stuf anyway... he is in a bank alt guild... so, I would craft stuff and send it off to the druid to DE anyway... Mining is not for ore gathering, so the guild perk would not matter, mining is a crafting profession via smelting... think thats what I need to do
7.  Raid guilded level 45ish Warlock: (leveling for the guild classy achieve) Tailor/None:  still lower level, I think this is my lowest interest/priority of the 3 I am leveling atm...
I have more, like my 8. ally mage, tailor/chanter, 9. PVP twinkish rogue, 10. a low level priest twinker... 11. warrior on second account, 12. warlock Neutral AH trader on second account

So.. that all writen out and worked out in my head now... I need to get busy with that bank alt warrior and boost mining up... Now I have a plan, I hope you got some insight to the value of and Army of Alts... There is a large time investment to leveing alts, but, there is a finite amount of time I can valuably spend cancel/posting Auctions...  I try for 4 rounds/ per day to cancel post normally, A.M befor work 7-8, early evening when I get home 5ish, and mid evening before raid 7:30ish, lasly late evening after raid 11ish.  I think the majority of sales is from the last 2, but the crafting and stocks evaluation happens through the day so the later ones can happen quickly, with a quick grab of stock from the bank and trip to the AH to post.  Alts and plans... I think the warrior bank alt will get pushed, then the shammy for utility and fun.. I could see myself playing the shammy to a raid level... :-) should be fun all around...

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