Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10s or 25s Making the change UP

As a guild struggles w/ character, morals, values, ambition, effort, expectations, goals, personalities and many other things.... You have a very demanding balance to maintain if you take any active role and make any commitment to the guilds success. 

The thoughts on my mind atm when it comes to all of this... the guild is working and considering25 man raids, going from:
1 core 3and4nights/week 10 man
1 slightly more casual, but still progression minded 2nights/week 10man
1 very casual saturday night group 10 man
hrmmmm... Now as I blog this and write that down the problem and the hurdles become bigger and more clear with the other details I am aware of...

At the end I ask the same question, can we go to 25s? and what would it take?

There are players that have family and kids. and dont want the 3 raid nights/week suggested 25 man schedule.  there are some that are hesitant for a multitude of reasons, there are other that dont want to at all really, and some just dont like the raid leader... recruiting, turn over, drama  can it be done and what would it take... musing...

Do you have insight and ideas to help, have you ever seen it done or tried? successfully or not?

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